Selection process outcome

Sources tell me the Superintendent Selection Committee settled the overabundance of applications for the one parent seat on the Timberlane selection committee as follows:

Each Timberlane school board member was given all 17 parent names.  Each board member selected 3 names.  These names were then put into a hat from which 3 names were finally drawn.  The first draw got the seat, the next two are alternates.

Please note that I was unable to attend the June 14th meeting and as it took place in Danville,  there may not be a Vimeo recording of it available.  Because of this  I don’t know the above information first hand, though I believe it to be accurate.

It is heartening to know so many parents were interested in participating, but disappointing that a better way to include them all could not be devised, and that a more fair way of making the selection was not used. If the committee wanted to screen for the ‘strongest’ candidate, how could they do this by simply looking at names?  Just guessing here, but it looks like the board was more interested in keeping certain names out of the position than they were in screening for ‘strengths.’ For the record, I did not apply.

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  1. Marilyn Cormier

    Yah, think, Donna? Now they wouldn’t do that. Certain board members are going to get whom they want regardless of this committee. And why does it have to be a parent? Others in the district have knowledge, too. Think we need one of each drawn from a hat. Maybe if the Cat in the Hat had been there……..

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