Superintendent LaSalle’s Exit Costs: $55,000

At the June 28th Timberlane Budget Committee meeting, Mr. George Stokinger, SAU Business Administrator, reported Mr. LaSalle’s exit costs:  $55,000. This is for vacation and sick time accrual.

Add this figure to:

  • approximately $13,000 for the search professionals hired to find prospective superintendent candidates,*
  • $60 per working day additional compensation for the current assistant superintendent:  $1,200 for a 20 work day month,
  • up to $2,500 per month in extra compensation for the SAU staff in the absence of a new superintendent, authorized for four months.*

If the new superintendent assumes his position as of September 1st, the costs to the SAU will be $75,400.

Should the replacement not start until November 1st, the cost will be $82,800.


From the proposed fee and payment schedule NASDEC presented to the SAU board:

  • The base fee is $13,992 (which includes a 20% discount due to being a NESDEC affiliate)
  • Search related costs (fixed): $4,260
  • Therefore the total costs for NESDEC’s services would be more in the order of $18,000.
  • The SAU board voted to give the interim superintendent $10,000 to spend in added compensation for SAU administrators over four months. They defeated a motion to cap the additional monies to $2,500 a month. This means that my calculations for September could be low. It is also logically possible that none of this $10,000 will be spent.  I had to mention that for completeness, not plausibility.

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