Timberlane District: Costs go up 34% while enrollment declines 10%

The convenience of online annual reports is immeasurable.  Timberlane School Board has annual reports from 2004 – 2011 on its website. Unfortunately it’s not the 2000-2012 comparison period I was hoping for, but it will do for now.

Here’s what I’ve learned from 2004 to 2012:

  • The budget has increased 34.7% over 9 years;
  • Overall enrollment in the district fell by 10% in this time;
  • Mr. LaSalle’s budgets had modest increases compared to the budgets during Mr. McDonald’s term;
  • Mr. McDonald ‘s default budget was significantly less than the proposed budget; under Mr. LaSalle, the default budget was sometimes greater than the proposed budget.

As reported earlier, elementary enrollment in the district has fallen by 20% from 2000-2010, which means numbers at the middle school and high school will continue to decline. You should also note that the budget figures do not necessarily  include expenditures approved by warrant, such as, for instance, capital reserve fund contributions.  This means the annual bottom line is actually somewhat larger than the budget indicates in some years.

As I try to understand the cost drivers, I will soon be looking at the growth in staff per student from 2004 to present. Stay tuned.

For annual reports : https://public.timberlane.net/sau/trsb/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx

To see my spreadsheet:  Growth in budget 2004-2012

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