Clarification to Superintendent’s Lifetime Benefit

Rather naively, I’ve been clamoring to see the Superintendent’ s proposed contract when that is just part of the overall compensation package.  Follow me as I stumble along.

Thanks to Mr. Bealo, I’ve learned that SAU employees have their own contract which qualifies administrators for life-time annual retiree medical supplement payments after ten years of service.  This means that we are on the hook for life-time retiree payments for not only a superintendent and an assistant superintendent, but also for the business administration, the HR director and any other “SAU administrator,” so long as they work for the district for ten years. All this without a union. Sweet deal if you can get it, and you can get it if contract terms are not scrutinized by the public – not just their elected representatives.

Mr. LaSalle may not have worked for SAU 55 for ten years.  He was Assistant Superintendent before he was head honcho, but he may not have clocked the necessary ten years. Maybe we dodged that expense in this transition, I don’t know, but suddenly we do know that many other SAU administrators could be in line for this lifetime benefit.

For a little more on this see the comments to Invitation to Meet the Superintendent Candidates! And still no contract


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