Get a Sense of Dr. Metzler

As principal of North Quincy High School, Dr. Metzler wrote a monthly message to the student body.  These brief messages are revealing of the principal’s values and direction which I heartily applaud.  Here is his August message from


I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer. As we wind down and get ready to start a new year I would like everyone to think about our core values and how to weave them into your goals for the new school year.

Knowledge, character and service continue to be a major focus at North Quincy High School. As you develop goals, please think about the acquisition of knowledge, the demonstration of strong character and how you can put service before self. Our core values help make North a special place, but it is really the student body that executes our mission.

Remember everyone may not be born smart, but everyone can get smart. It is quite simple! There is no substitution for hard work and you have to want it. Please set high goals for this coming school year, plan on working hard and don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

Remember we are always here for you and look forward to celebrating your success!


 Dr. Earl F. Metzler, Principal

Given the problem recent generations have with entitlement, it is unfortunate that Dr. Metzler included the exhortation, “…don’t settle for anything less than you deserve,” but in the context I think he meant, “don’t settle for anything less than what hard work earns you.”  I sure wish he would have written that, but otherwise, knowledge, character and service are fine values for all citizens and refreshing talk from an academic leader who does not seem uncomfortable with moral leadership as well.  Kudos, Dr. Metlzer. Kudos, SAU 55 board.

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