SAU gives itself a raise … an update

This is an excerpt from an early November post for some background on the SAU raises:

The administrators who run the Timberlane and Hampstead School Districts have given themselves and their staff a 2.5% across the board salary raise, except for those who were deemed underpaid. The Assistant Business Administrator is being given a 6.7% raise and the Human Resources/ Office Manager is being given a 6.4% raise.  The Admin Secretary is also getting a 6.2% raise. SAU salary increases over the previous five budget years have averaged 2.8% annually.**

[The raises will take effect in the 2013-2014 budget year so long as the 2013-2014 school districts proposed budgets are approved by voters.]


**Update:  The 2.8% annual average cited above is based on a 6% increase in 08-09.  Mr. Stokinger had some fogginess about this figure at the SAU meeting when these figures were presented so the 6% may refer to gross salary budget line increase and perhaps not actual personal salary increases.  OK, if there is some confusion about the 6% number, let’s just take the SAU salary increases for the previous four years:

  •  2.77%    (09-10)
  • 1.24%    (10-11)
  • 2.1%        (11-12)
  • 1.89%      (12-13)

This is an annual average increase of 1.95% which doesn’t sound like much unlike you compound it.  Compounded it is a 9.5% increase over FOUR years.  Did you get a 10% raise in the last few years?


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