Superintendent’s Report: Refreshing and Meaningful

While parents await a district report card, you should invest a few minutes reading Dr. Metzler’s Superintendent’s Report, released this month. Having read reports of high seriousness before, like most of us I’ve been conditioned to expect boilerplate bureaucratic gobbledygook.  This report is different.  It is a document of real earnestness.  ‘Smart Goals’ in four areas of concentration are set for the district, as well as establishing an innovative reorganization of administrative staffing at the high school level.

TRHS’ new organizational chart is particularly interesting (page 19).  It shows three assistant principals:  one for operations, one for academics and one for student services.  Although the responsibilities of the operations assistant principal is unclear to me as so many of the designated responsibilities seem to overlap with the SAU function, the academic assistant principal has one seriously ambitious job.  This VP supervises four “academic deans.”  Each dean is responsible for a logically related group of academic areas.

I believe this organizational restructuring required the creation of one new position and may ultimately be pared down, but the current investment seems small compared to the promise of the reorganization and what I perceive to be its goal of furthering academic accountability from students and teachers.

Particularly encouraging is seeing Dr. Metlzer grapple with and set his stamp on the issues of AP exams, social promotion, NECAP results, and the science credit misalignment that has been something of a long embarrassment. (Pages 21 and 22.)

You’ll find the report here:


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