Tri-Town’s “Correction” was a Clarification

I’m happy to report, though I apologize for being late in doing so, that the Tri-Town’s paragraph entitled “Correction” which I cited in my last blog was itself subsequently corrected by the paper to be a clarification.

The note concerning Ms. Gallo’s respectful request for members of the public at school board meetings not to use electronic devices had always been intended to run as a clarification and its heading as a correction was an error.  The correction to the correction ran in the Oct. 3, 2013 edition.  Thank you Tri-Town.

Now perhaps Ms. Gallo will issue a correction to her objectionable position.

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One response to “Tri-Town’s “Correction” was a Clarification

  1. Nathan

    I was hoping they could correct their position on the difference between a correction and a clarification.

    **opps the above should be clarified – i meant “clarify their position”, not correct it.

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