2013 NH SAT Scores: Independent schools shine

New Hampshire’s SAT scores for 2013 are on the Department of Education website.  To view it, you will need to scroll down to the very bottom of the page in the link given here.  Look hard for “SAT data and reports.”  (If you were looking for it without this link, you need to know it is filed under “Miscellaneous Reports” which sure gives me a warm feeling about how my burning interests are shared by the DOE.)           SAT report

In case you are in suspense, public schools lagged far behind “Independent” schools which also surpassed parochial schools.  Some of these independent schools are charter schools which receive just $5,500 per student in funding from the state.  Timberlane’s per pupil cost is slightly over $13,000 as of 2012.  (It is more now.)

If you have time, browse through the entire SAT report.  They have teased the data apart LARGELY in ways that make for excuses:  ethnicity, family income and background, gender…  all considerations that are insulting to the individual student who goes to school to be respected as an individual of equal capability as his fellows unless shown otherwise by his or her own performance.

Significantly, the SAT report does not show the results from individual schools or districts, which is the main concern of parents and taxpayers.  Thankfully,  Timberlane’s promised annual district report card  should show Timberlane student results, but we have to hope the statistics will be more up-to-date than they were in the 2013 report which showed just 2011 SAT results.  Those result were, lamentably, below the state average in all three tested disciplines – critical reading, math and writing.   To view 2013 Timberlane District Report Card


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