The Problem in Pictures

These charts are a little too small to easily read here.  (Come to School Deliberative Session on Thursday night to see more.)  The first chart below starts at 2007 and ends at 2015.  Blue bars are enrollment, red line is budget, green line is what was expended.

Budget vs EnrollmentStaffing vs EnrollmentThe chart above shows total district positions in red vs. teaching staff in green, enrollment represented by blue bars, again from 2007 to 2015, using the administration’s own enrollment projection for 2015.  All information for both these charts sourced exclusively from the Timberlane school district. See anything wrong with these pictures? For more, attend school deliberative on Thursday night. 7 pm at the PAC.  There will be ten slides in total and not one will mention tax rates.

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  1. Erica LeMire

    Great job Donna! Although we did not win- you fought a good fight. The audience made up of teachers protecting their jobs and scared parents worried that the children will be affected was too much of an uphill battle. I am glad you spoke out though- it was an impressive effort and it showed with the representation from Sandown. Although you are the most impacted it is not a Sandown problem alone and maybe there should be another run at this next year. We need all 4 towns to get the message out so we can come back stronger next year. Let me know what I can do to help.
    Thank you again for being brave enough to step up!

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