Veil Lifted: Sandown School taxes up 19% in two years?

Exactly one business day after candidate registration closed, the SAU revealed “draft” tax rates for the school district’s four towns. Danville will be the hardest hit with a “draft” increase of 9.5%. Sandown is 8.7%.  If the proposed school budget goes through unchanged, the projected total school tax increase in two years for  Sandown will be 19%.  Danville will be 15%.  IN JUST IN TWO YEARS!

Perhaps with all the improvements going on in the district with their “respectful” budget increases, the library has digitized its copy of The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg, leaving only the story of Chicken Little in the administrator’s break room.  The sky will fall if the 4% increase doesn’t pass!

This blog had been predicting a 7.8% school tax increase for Sandown and a 6.6% increase for Danville if the proposed school budget gets passed unchanged.  The “draft” tax reality is considerably worse. Voting for the default budget will give hardly any relief.  The only hope you have of peeling back this outrageous tax increase is to vote to lower the district’s budget at school deliberative on Thursday at 7 pm, at the PAC.

The timing of the “draft” release is interesting.  Dr. Metzler, Mr. Stokinger, Mr. Collins, school board chairman, and Joe Morris, Sandown rep,  attended the Sandown Board of Selectmen meeting last night.  They brought with them the “draft” tax rate at my prompting. This revelation just happened to be after anyone could challenge Mr. Collins on the ballot for his seat on school board.  He is running for re-election in Danville – unopposed.

Tax rates are subject to a little change as they depend on both the town and district revenues and student population of the towns, all of which could change somewhat from the draft, but don’t hold out false hope. The district has been doing these estimates for a long time.

Vote at the PAC on Thursday night to lower this proposed budget, or dig out your old children’s books.  You won’t have the money to buy any new ones.

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