Devious School Board Goes into Non-public then Votes to Approve Consultant Contract

Instead of meeting in the well-appointed SAU building, the more fitting venue for your school board should be under a blanket with flashlights.

In the most breathtaking disdain for their constituents that has my hands shaking in fury, the  Timberlane School Board went into non-public ON MARCH 6, to discuss the SERESC contract for a Spanish consultant for full-time kindergarten. WITHOUT ANY PUBLIC DISCUSSION WHATSOEVER, they unanimously approved the contract immediately after exiting non-public.  Conveniently and most suspiciously, the VIMEO of this meeting was not released until after the elections – so no one knew about this sneaky move until yesterday.

The agenda did not mention discussion or action on a contract.  There was absolutely no public discussion of the terms of the contract. And keep in mind, this was done just days before the election that put the district into a default budget for 2014-2015 and which does not include the new positions for the full-time kindergarten program.

Your school board makes a mockery of the word “transparency.”   They spend your money with abandon and they mock us all with complete indifference to public objections, and their own policies.

I have made a Right to Know request to see this contract and the RFP that solicited it.  I would like to know exactly how much the district is paying a consultant and who that consultant is…. Dr. Metzler’s wife?

Watch the meeting here:    early on you will see me voice my objections to the contract.  At 1:25 you will see them enter non-public and then vote for the contract.



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