Eagle Tribune: TRSB Bars Members from Talking to Press

At my first meeting as a school board member, I argued against and voted against brand new school board rules written by Mr. Collins. Here is an article in today’s Eagle Tribune concerning one of the eight rules. The rules themselves are posted below. They were adopted 7-2. Mr. Peter Bealo voted against them as well.

TRSB bars talking to press

The MISSION of the Timberlane Regional School District is to engage all students in challenging and relevant learning opportunities, emphasizing high aspirations and personal growth.
1. Board members are expected to treat each other with respect and professionalism.
2. All discussion will be germane to a specific agenda item.
3. A Board member, once recognized by the Chair, may not hold the floor for longer than 3 minutes. That Board member may retain the floor for an additional 3 minutes if approved by the Board.
4. A Board member wanting to add items to an agenda will contact the Chair. The Chair and Superintendent will decide whether or not to add those items to the agenda for the next meeting. If they decide not to then any Board member may ask the Board to approve an agenda item for the next scheduled meeting, during “New Business” of the current meeting.
5. All email addressed to the TRSB@timberlane.net will only be addressed by the Chair.
6. All communication to anyone within Timberlane (excluding subject matter related to your child’s education at Timberlane) must move through Chair. If the subject matter is related to a specific committee then it may move through the committee chair. Committee chairs may utilize their co-chair (SLT member) to relay or obtain information.
7. All decisions made by the Board will be supported by all board members regardless of how a member voted. Efforts to undermine a decision will not be tolerated.
8. All communication to the press will be provided by the Chair. Board members contacted by the press will not comment and direct the press to contact the Chair.

Nancy Steenson, Chair
Kate Delfino, Vice Chair
Timberlane Regional School Board
Adopted March 20, 2014



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2 responses to “Eagle Tribune: TRSB Bars Members from Talking to Press

  1. Mrs. Green, first I must applaud you for voting against these “rules.” Next I must ask were there consequences defined as to what actions would be taken if the “rules” were not followed?

    • Thank you for your interest. The consequences have not been shared with me. Censure by the board is possible. Last December when Mr. Collins was temporarily the liaison to the budget committee, Mr. Collins, Mrs. O’Neil and Mr. Spero supported a motion to censure me. Fortunately the other members of the budget committee prevented the success of that motion. The trio objected to my presentation to the Sandown Board of Selectmen on grounds which were baseless in my opinion.
      My presentation to the Selectmen can be seen here: http://vimeo.com/81102849
      The censure motion can be seen here: early on http://vimeo.com/81838442

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