SB Special Meeting on Auditor’s Report, LGC Refund and Cost Overruns

The School Board responds!  Be at this meeting to see how.


The Timberlane Regional School Board will meet on Wednesday,

July 16, 2014 at 7:30 PM at the Superintendent’s office,

30 Greenough Road, Plaistow.

The agenda will include the following items:

  • 2013 auditor’s report
  • the HealthTrust refund
  • policy DBJ – Transfer of Appropriation

Members of the public are welcome to attend.

* This is the meeting notice issued by the SB chairman on July 9, 2014.  The formatting has been changed to be more blog friendly

Here is my email to Madam Chairman in response to this notice:


Prior to this meeting I would like to have the auditor’s report for my review as well as all legal opinions the district has received on the three topics we will be discussing.  In other words, I do not want to go into this meeting with no information about the topics to be discussed as this would not be conducive to a thoughtful and informed vote.  As chairman I’m sure you want your members as fully informed as possible on all issues coming for a vote.

Also, the district should make public the letter or letters of legal opinion on all the issues touching upon our upcoming meeting, and have them read to the public at the meeting.
Finally, it is critical that this meeting be televised and recorded on Vimeo.  If that is not possible, in my opinion the meeting should be rescheduled.
I await notification as to when the invoices will be ready for review.
Thank you,

UPDATE  July 11, 2014   4 p.m. :   After  SAU business hours  on July 10, I received notification that the invoices were ready for inspection.   Still no word on reading lawyer’s letter or receiving the audit in advance.

UPDATE  July 16, 2014:  Going into this meeting on empty.  No agenda has been circulated nor have any background materials whatsoever.  I have been told by the chairman that  the public will be allowed to make comments AFTER each agenda item.  This is a switch from the usual procedure which requires public comment BEFORE each agenda item.  I have also learned, though not from the chairman, that the purpose of the meeting is informational only and no votes will be taken.


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