Best Reader Award Goes to Rob Collins

At last night’s raucous school board meeting, Mr. Rob Collins said he had made a list of  “nearly 70 inaccurate quotes” from my blog.  Mr. Collins seems to be my most devoted reader.  As a reward, I would like to offer him the opportunity to give me his list of inaccuracies so I can address them publicly one by one and will happily acknowledge my errors, if errors they be.

It is easy to discredit someone’s work with accusations of inaccuracy.  It is also easy to malign a difference of opinion with baseless charges of factual errors.

We shall see if Mr. Collins, my most avid reader, responds.

The Vimeo recording of the meeting is now available

UPDATE August 2, 2014:   No word from Mr. Collins.

Update August 20, 2014: Still no word from Mr. Collins. He must be making a list and checking it twice for the August 28th meeting.



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One response to “Best Reader Award Goes to Rob Collins

  1. arckevin

    Glad you feel amused over yourself, or as you state “fight and enjoy the show.” I read through the email exchanges you posted and saw that others are polite, clear, and patient with you, while you’re twisting their words, demanding, and acting as if you have more experience on a school board, even though you’re brand new. Meanwhile, you play the victim while you slander others. You are no role model for young women. I just came on to see your point and found that you have none other than making sarcastic or accusatory remarks backed with no facts or understanding of the policies, locally, state-wide, or nationally. You do NOT have my vote and there’s no need to reply because I won’t respond to feed your ego.

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