In something of a come to Jesus moment, Timberlane is today posting documents to the public pages of Timberlane.net they had previously kept off,  such as school board agendas, the auditor’s report and letter, and most interestingly, non-public minutes!  This is quite extraordinary as previously non-public minutes were available even to board members only by request to the SAU.

I applaud the administration for finally putting this material on a public page, especially the agendas.  Without agendas, it is almost impossible for the public to find information when they don’t know when something was discussed.  Now, if only the school board would reverse their decision to rely on the video instead of complete minutes, that would be another  big step forward in transparency,  in my opinion.  To my mind, our minutes are abbreviated to a fault because they use time stamps from the video recording as a substitute for a full accounting of each discussion.  Not everyone has the time or the technology to download videos of three or four hours to get an understanding of a board discussion.

Non-public minutes will be the subject of my next post and it will be a humdinger



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  1. Dave S.

    Thanks for the updates! I’ve been poking around the site and seem to be able to open everything.

    Just as a side note, thank you! Although I don’t post often, I appreciate your herculean effort in prying public information out on Budgets, Policies, meetings and character of our school board and SAU leadership.

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