News Flash: Green Barred from Entering SAU Building

Email today from Nancy Steenson, Chair of Timberlane School Board. Received at 5:02 p.m.

Mrs. Green,

It has been reported to me that an investigation is being conducted by the Superintendent’s office concerning your interactions with an SAU staff member on July 24, 2014.  Until such time as the investigation is complete, you are hereby barred from entering upon the SAU #55 premises without the expressed written permission of the Superintendent of Schools.  Dr. Metzler will make appropriate arrangements for you to conduct your duties as a school board member. 


I might note that no one from the SAU has contacted me about this incident, so thorough has been their investigation to date. Nor have they provided the security recording I requested that will exonerate me from this ridiculous “investigation.”   The clock is ticking on that.

AUGUST 1, 2014 UPDATE:  More than a week from the supposed “incident,” no one has contacted me – not Dr. Metzler, not the police, not anyone.  The security recording has not been given to me in disregard of the Right to Know law.  Dr. Metzler has been reported as saying that Green is an obstructionist and that I will not be allowed to use rudeness and disrespect to accomplish my objectives.  The only rudeness and disrespect going on here is that from the administration towards me. At the July 16th meeting Dr. Metzler said I was a waste of a representative for Sandown. This is an odd statement coming from an employee talking about an elected official who is charged with overseeing his performance.

I would draw your attention to something I posted here on July 18 in reply to my censure:  “It is true that I refuse to meet with Dr. Metzler because I will not make myself vulnerable to accusations of backroom deals. Public business is to be conducted in public.”  My apprehensions about interactions outside of the public eye have been born out.  Timberlane must surrender the security recording  or stop trying to ruin my reputation and impede my service to Sandown.  Have there been any sanctions against the employee who raised her voice to me?



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6 responses to “News Flash: Green Barred from Entering SAU Building

  1. Mark Richards

    To my knowledge the only way you can be “barred” from a public building, absent exigency, is with a restraining order from a court. NH law may be different than in my neck of the woods, so you might check on this further, although quite frankly I am definitely NOT in a “live free or die” state.

    Force them to apply for a restraining order by showing up with a police officer and request the records and other information you require to do your job. If you are denied entry, despite the presence of a police officer to “keep the peace”, then their claim is worthless.

    Further, you have every right to seek an injunction from their preventing your lawful access. Let the courts decide and do so in the light of day. I personally would take this as a challenge to go after these creeps, and with everything in your power. Clearly the immaturity and political power plays are rising high.

    Note that their application for a restraining order will require (actual) evidence be produced to back up their claim and give you an opportunity to defend yourself. A verbal spat does not rise to the level of a threat and is surely not grounds for a restraining order! It will, in high likelihood, be laughed out of the court, and in the end provide you with (a) clearing your good name, (b) future credibility and (c) showing these political players for the small minded hacks they are.

    Next time, arrive with a police officer and, even if later one is not required, record the entire interaction. Make certain you notify them that the interactions are being recorded. Protect yourself, for they’re clearly out to ruin you.

    It seems yours is a campaign to protect the interests of the taxpayers in the town you represent. Efforts at suppressing your inquiries send a message that the SAU has no respect for the taxpayers themselves. I would raise this particular message strongly.

    In this light, perhaps your town might finally consider doing something different to provide schooling for its community. There are surely lots of other options, and most are likely cheaper and less filled with corruption, than that presently in force.

  2. Cathy


    I would contact the police for any report made by the TRSD regarding this issue. I would also follow the recommendation of Mark Richards and go to the SAU with a Police Officer. It is clear there is an attempt by a School Board and SAU to discredit you. This is what you get for asking to many questions and expecting the School Board to enforce their policies and have some semblance of oversight. Seems the only “control” the School Board is interested in having is “control over You”. The “concerted” effort to discredit you at the last SB meeting I thought was conduct unbecoming of elected officials … but this is a new low.

    Cathy Gorman

  3. Cathy

    Any complaint about the Superintendent should be submitted to the Chair of the Board, who should consult with legal counsel concerning the handling and investigation of the complaint.

    I wonder If the Chair will be too busy, yet again, to fulfil her duties and call legal counsil as required per policy. Like I see her delegating that task to the very person that is “barring” you from the SAU. No conflict of interest there!!

    Call the SBA …

  4. Buster

    Jeez, what a nut-flake you are!

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