Green Threatened with Criminal Charge – update

UPDATE:  At 5:05 pm,  August 18, Lt. Baldwin left me a voice message inviting me into the police station on August 19 or 20th saying he had a few questions in order to close the file.  When I returned home, I sent him an email saying that I had decided not to meet with him since I have learned of his past service on the Timberlane School Board.

Here is the timeline of the action Dr. Metzler has taken against me which has culminated in police involvement. For background on “the incident” that was used as a pretext for what follows see my blog posting of July 24, “Target Acquired!
July 24, 2014     6:14 pm
Mrs Green – Today it was reported to me that you were both disrespectful and harassing to several employees. Of course I will investigate this report and if validated I will need to limit your access to the SAU. This is both disturbing and unfortunate. I will also be consulting with both the Plaistow Police Department and district council.
Dr. Earl F. Metzler II
July 28   4:55 pm

Mrs. Green,

It has been reported to me that an investigation is being conducted by the Superintendent’s office concerning your interactions with an SAU staff member on July 24, 2014.  Until such time as the investigation is complete, you are hereby barred from entering upon the SAU #55 premises without the expressed written permission of the Superintendent of Schools.  Dr. Metzler will make appropriate arrangements for you to conduct your duties as a school board member.


[Nancy Steenson, Chiarman Timberlane REgional School Board]



Dear Mrs. Green,

I have been assign to  investigate an incident that occurred on July 24, 2014 at approximately 11:30am at the SAU 55 Office . This incident took place at the SAU 55 Office which is located at 30 Greenough Road, Plaistow, New Hampshire.

On August 1, 2014 at 8:52am, I received an e-mail from my Communication Center Supervisor stating you had called the Plaistow Police Department and requested a return phone call in reference the incident at SAU on July 24, 2014. The call back number you left was  974-0758. On the same day I returned your call between 3-3:30pmapproximately and was unable to make contact with you. However, I did leave a voicemail. The purpose for me reaching out to you at this time, is to have you come down to the Plaistow Police Department give your side of the incident. I also will need a written statement completed as well. I look forward to your cooperation in this investigation.

Please give me a call today (August 4, 2014) so we can set up the interview.   I  certainly appreciate in advance your time and cooperation in this matter.


Lt. William M. Baldwin

Operations Lieutenant/Emergency Management Director

Plaistow Police Department

27 Elm Street

Plaistow, New Hampshire 03865

Dispatch:    (603) 382-1200

Office:          (603) 382-1200 ext. 326

Fax:              (603) 382-4172

Cell:              [redacted]



August 5, 2014   10 pm

Dear Lt. Baldwin:

Please forgive my delay in responding.  Here is a signed written statement concerning July 24.  If you have any further questions, please call me before Friday, August 8th as I will be in Canada for a week without easy phone or computer access, returning on August 15, 2014.
Thank you,
Donna Green
[The statement says the same thing as my blog entry but with names.]
August 5, 2014  10:05 pm
Lt. Baldwin,
I would like to see and copy the security recording at the reception desk for the time period I was in the building.  Did you in fact order the SAU not to release this recording for viewing?
If so, could you give me an indication as to when this recording will be available to me?  It should be completely exculpatory and I do hope you have viewed it.
Thank you and best regards,
Donna Green
August 6, 2014 9:03 am
Dear Mrs. Green,

I appreciate the email you sent yesterday and the written statement.  However, I need to speak with you in person because I do have questions related to the July 24, 2014 incident. Please let me know when you can come to the Plaistow  Police Department either this afternoon or tomorrow. Thank you very much .


August 6, 2014   11:50 am
Dear Lt. Baldwin,

I am available this afternoon at your convenience.  Please name the time and I’ll be there.  Could you tell me how long this might take as I have some other errands to run in Plaistow.
Thank you,
Donna Green
August 7, 2014 1:06 pm
Dear Lt. Baldwin:

As we weren’t able to connect yesterday, could you please tell me the status of the investigation?
Do you know yet if you are gong to be laying charges?
I wanted access to the building today to review invoices but permission was not forthcoming.  Could you tell me my status with respect to my access to the SAU building if you don’t lay charges?
This is a very odd situation with respect to an elected official (who did absolutely nothing wrong) so I do hope we can resolve this matter soon.
Thank you,
Donna Green
August 7, 2014 1:19 pm

Dear Mrs. Green,

I appreciate your email.

In respect to yesterday, I was in a meeting all day( August 6, 2014).

I need to sit and talk with you in reference the incident on July 24, 2014. I have a some questions that I need clarified by you. I cannot be rushed or be on place a time crunch while I am interviewing you. So your cooperation is need and I need you to call and make appointment as soon as it is convenient for you. I realize you are going away, however I did reach out to you twice prior to your first email to me so I could speak with you.

Again, this is an ongoing investigation. You stated this is an odd situation with respect to an elected official. In actuality it is not odd situation. Harassment depending on the circumstances can be a very serious situation.

As far as your access to the SAU building, I do not control that nor do I have any say whether you can go in there or not. That issue is between you and the District/Dr. Metzler.

Please let me know when you can sit down and speak with me at the Plaistow Police Department.



August 7, 2014  2:27 pm

Dear Lt. Baldwin:

My lawyer is not available today.  As it happens, he and I are going on vacation at the same time.  He will be back in the office on August 18th at which time I will get back to you.

Thank you for your patience.


August 7, 2014 2:55 pm

Dear Mrs. Green,

I appreciate the email.  Certainly it is your option to bring a lawyer, but not necessary at this time. My purpose of that statement is  to get your side of the incident.  Please call when you can to set up an appointment as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time.


Shortly after this exchange I left a voicemail message with Lt. Baldwin telling him of my (generous) availability upon my return from vacation and asking him to call and leave a message as to when he would like to see me.  So far, he has not emailed or called.

Lt. William Bladwin was formerly the chairman of the Timberlane Regional School Board.  He served on the school board with many of the same people who censured me: Mr. Mascola, Mr. Collins, Mrs. Steenson and Mr. Bealo.  Mr. Baldwin is currently the chairman of the Atkinson Board of Selectmen.

Readers should know that no one from  the school board has contacted me about my censure which occurred in my (deliberate) absence from a meeting; neither has anyone from the school board or the SAU board contacted me about the no trespass order issued by Dr. Metzler which restricts my access to the SAU building – except to announce it to me; nor has anyone from the school board or the SAU contacted me about the cause for the initial argument with the SAU employee.  The reason for this is clear.  It is not the issues which are important here, it is only the attempt to discredit me that matters.





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One response to “Green Threatened with Criminal Charge – update

  1. Mark Richards

    You have sent them a statement. That is sufficient. A sit down is nothing but a pretext to gather further evidence against you. Let them file any charge based on what they have (which apparently is zero, otherwise a charge would have already been put in motion).

    However, should a charge be filed you then get to bring into the Court all the issues leading up to why you were there and why you were angry. Likely the school department does not want their dirty laundry presented into the daylight of a court session, so nothing will become of it.

    Meanwhile you have every right to seek a court injunction against their action to prevent your access using such onerous restrictions, and you also have every right to request police presence when you visit the school offices.

    Someone might ask the amount of time the school department puts into the actual education they purport to deliver, versus the time waste of all this neanderthal posturing and strutting.

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