Green Turns Spotlight on Police

This is a letter written on my behalf by Attorney Richard J. Lehmann to Lt. William Baldwin of the Plaistow Police Department. This letter is practically a work of art and I am hugely grateful to have such an outstanding lawyer on my side.

baldwin letter


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2 responses to “Green Turns Spotlight on Police

  1. Mark Richards

    The letter is worthy of study and emulation. It sets out the facts, establishes the boundaries, and informs the other side that Donna Green won’t take crap from anyone.

    All in a nice legal way, of course.

    After you win, sue them for the cost of having to assert the basic legal rights they denied you and the town you represent. And don’t sue the entities, sue the individuals. Hit ’em where it will be the most meaningful, right in the cash flow department.

    Holding office does not shield one from personal responsibility for illegality.
    See: Dianne Wilkerson, Sal DeMasi, John O’Brien, etc. etc.

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