SAU Budget Up 11.50%: 3% merit pool

And there’s not a darn thing you can do about it.

During budget deliberations tonight, the SAU Board added one additional SAU staff  and awarded a 3%* merit pool increase.

Suck it up and be happy.  This is the SAU hearing the message of the voters in March.

It is also the clear result of towns (other than Sandown) voting last March to approve the warrant article putting the SAU budget back into the Timberlane and Hampstead budgets, thereby denying voters the right to vote default on the SAU’s budget from here on in.

This is your new spendthrift SAU.  Their budget is up 7.6% over last year  and that’s with a default budget.  Next year it will be up 11.5%.  And in 2016-17?  The Fat Boy Burger Special with fries and onion rings.

A public hearing on this budget is scheduled for Nov. 11 at 7 pm in the SAU office.  The public will not have the opportunity to vote on this budget then or ever. This is what subservience feels like — the subservience of your elected representatives to the wishes of the administration rather than the will of the voters.

*CORRECTION:  Previous version of this post said the merit pool was 3.75%.  That calculation inadvertently included the superintendent’s raise which I realize is not properly included in the merit pool.  Removing that, the merit pool is 3.3%.






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2 responses to “SAU Budget Up 11.50%: 3% merit pool

  1. What citizens fail to see sometimes when they say “the government sucks” is that “we the people” are the government, and those “we the people” hire into Administrative position, or that “we the people” elect into office and then forget about after the election (as our elected representatives forget about their constituents after they are elected and focus on self serving initiatives) are to blame. The ONLY way for “we the people” to fix this is to 1) become vocal at school board meetings during public input 2) support those like Donna Green who is clearly thinking about the children and tax payers in the Timberlane districts, not for her own self serving interests, or for that matter for her own personal image (as Administrators and corrupt board members continue to launch their vile and vicious attacks upon a woman who is doing what we in the community forget should be done……providing oversight and policy making input to the school district) and 3) exercise your right to vote in this country and remove all the corrupt and vile board members and Administrators who continue to put a black eye on American public education!

    If youi need a reason to vote, please watch this short video, forward along to your extensive networks and even watch the advertisements, because the money raised from the advertisements and number of “hits” on this video will all be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project to help those veterans who have suffered loss of limb and mind for your privilege to vote:

    If you want to get involved

    and we announce new solutions (or problems that need solutions) through our Twitter account where we “tweet” the announcement of a release to a new solution (I just started using Twitter very recently……very powerful networking tool at…simple to set up an account….simple to follow folks with similar viewpoints):


    at our solutions page

    Keep up the good work Donna!

    You have the power of the United States of America and citizens who believe in freedom and liberty at your side, and we have got your back too!

    John Lyscars

    Hooksett School Board Member

    U.S.A.F. Veteran
    Electronic Countermeasures System Specialist (Electronic Warfare)

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