New Letter to Plaistow Police

Lt. Baldwin of the Plaistow Police did not reply to my lawyer’s letter of last month.  Here is our latest which did get a quick reply by phone.  Baldwin told my lawyer, Richard Lehmann, that the investigation is still ongoing.  Perhaps Lt. Baldwin hasn’t had time to watch the security video what with being under investigation by the Attorney General’s office and all.  I expect his investigation will be “ongoing” until I leave public office or he is removed from the police force.

Baldwin 91A Letter

UPDATE 10/27/14:  My lawyer tells me that the case will soon be closed and the emails we requested released on Friday Oct. 31, 2014. Stay tuned.




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  1. A story on the investigation is available here:

    Although I have great respect for the US Coast Guard of which Baldwin is a reservist, I also have to wonder if actions so far are aligned with that organization’s codes of conduct.

    The Coast Guard Ethics rules, based upon Code of Federal Regulations 2635.502, strongly suggests that you step aside if “you think that a reasonable person with knowledge of the relevant facts would question your impartiality in the matter”.

    Baldwin formerly served on the School Board as its chair.

    One can quibble about the matter, but ethical standards ought not suffer with a change of uniform.

    Minimally, any “investigation” should be handed off to another qualified individual, or simply ended based upon the obvious lack of evidence.

    Yes, perhaps Balwdin should be sacked, should there be sufficient evidence that his “I take my job very seriously” has morphed into ‘I take my job too seriously’.

    Clearly, given the demand for a deep dive into documentation, the risk of finger burns is becoming not worth the candle. [edited]

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