SAU Employees Speaking to One of Their Bosses

These are clips from the SAU meeting on October 22, 2014. The meeting was to approve the SAU budget for 2015-2016.  There was no new employee in the budget and the SAU board made quite a show of pretending it was a spontaneous suggestion to provide one based on an observation about overtime. You will see from the video that this was a poorly disguised ploy covered by the Superintendent’s bluster. Below, Business Administrator George Stokinger, addresses Mrs. Sherman and then answers a question from me.  The background: on October 14, I emailed the SAU chairman asking for more budget details.  Mr. Sokinger provided some but not all of this detail on the night of the meeting when I had no time to review or digest this information.  It was as good as worthless if not received beforehand and he knew it. What you will see on display is defensiveness  and bluster to avoid addressing the issues.

Next, Dr. Metzler responds to my question about the work a new SAU employee would be doing.  It is still a mystery.

Here the board deliberates about hiring a new SAU support staff.  It ends with Dr. Metzler lecturing me about respect which had the happy consequence of avoiding the question at issue.

Just in case you may not realize this from these videos, the SAU board hires and supervises Dr. Metzler and Mr. Stokinger.





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4 responses to “SAU Employees Speaking to One of Their Bosses

  1. Clip 1: Please investigate the claim that this individual used sick time only three days. Although he does appear remarkably well, shoulders-down.

    Before you were able to articulate the concern that vital information was dumped on you and the board with no time to carefully consider its impact, the individual became defensive. A pre-defensive position suggests that he clearly knew what he did was disrespectful. That your board patted this fellow on the head says volumes about what’s important to them.

    Finally, I would not – ever – allow an individual who cops such an attitude to be around my children. Positive, respectful, and helpful replies – rather than those laced with sarcasm and excuses – are what one should expect from an adult.

    Clip 2: Precious. I absolutely adore your question. Failing to get a cogent answer to why the level of work is somehow different now than prior, any person might rise to the same conclusion: that a new school district appeared upon the workload.

    Clip 3: Oh. Administering annuities. And what a significant bit of work to hire an employee for. Nothing that can be farmed out to an accountant or an investment manager? Baloney. The main point: too many employees. Start cutting back.

    As for discussing board-level topics outside of the meeting, well of course they did. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Once these overpaid, under-worked individuals have respect for the taxpayers, then the respect they so pine for will meet its return. Meanwhile, press on!

  2. Cathy

    From the clips shown I saw disrespect and sarcasm coming from both Mr Stokinger and Supetintendent Metzler.

    $80,000.00 for 1 employee at entry to mid level? Yet we can implement an entire FT K program (5 classes; each with a teacher and aid,a Spanish teacher and Spanish consultant) for < $200k (initial estimate) ??

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