Information Black Out

Arthur Green made a devastating presentation on staffing levels in Timberlane at the October 23 Budget Committee meeting. Since then, the district has failed to reply or even acknowledge any of his requests for information.

Here is a timeline of information requests to Dr. Metzler or Business Administrator George Stokinger.

  • October 22  10:50 pm : To Dr. Metzler.  Requesting the basis for enrollment forecasts used in the budget presentation to the school board on Oct 16 wherein the district is budgeting based on an enrollment projection of 3,733 when the highly reliable NESDEC forecast is for 3,613.  NO ANSWER.
  • October 26  11:10 pm :  To Mr. Stokinger.  Request for 2015-2016 budgeted Special Education out-of-district placements by institution, service being provided and cost. NO ANSWER
  • October 26 9:03 pm :  Followup questions to a public filing (A12B) staffing reports — specifically asking if the full-time equivalent positions include vacant positions and asking for the current staff headcount.  NO ANSWER
  • Nov. 2 4:11 pm :  Documents presented to the school board on Oct. 16 showed an increase in Adequacy Aid for Full-time kindergarten, but the state does not provide more than 50% adequacy aid per child for kindergarten regardless of length of program.  Please provide grounds for projecting additional adequacy aid. NO ANSWER
  • Nov. 2  10:03 pm:  Final report for 2013/14 year end with complete revenues and accurate encumbrances.  NO ANSWER  (It is shocking the budget committee doesn’t have this information on a year that ended on June 30!)

Mr. Green is a member of the Timberlane Budget Committee representing Sandown. He is asking for public information that is critical to a full understanding the financials of the district.  Mr. Green has previously had to pay the district 50 cents a page for public financial information obtained through Right to Know requests. We hope the district will change its attitude and understand that it is answerable to the people and their elected representatives who have a right and an obligation to dig deep.

People who are proud of their work don’t hide information about it.




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