Parents Take Note: Textbooks Getting Reviewed

With Donna Garner’s permission to reproduce this, I urge parents and school board members to save this information and use it. Whether or not you agree with the political slant, it is always good to know exactly what is inside texts that are educating our children. [Thanks to Rich Girard of for the information.]

“First Time Ever Done in America: Truth in Texas Textbooks”
by Donna Garner

This has never been done by any group in America. Without getting paid a penny, average citizens formed Truth in Texas Textbooks (TTT); and they have completed “the largest and most extensive textbook review of social studies textbooks in the US.”

Let by Lt. Col. (retired) Roy White, these grassroots citizens took matters into their own hands; dedicated themselves to spend countless hours reading through the new, proposed social studies instructional materials (IM’s); and they have submitted in writing the factual errors, omission of facts, half-truths, and agenda bias.

Rather than allowing leftist organizations such as Texas Freedom Network (please see link at bottom of this page) to dominate the process, these patriotic citizens of Truth in Texas Textbooks (TTT) have done “their homework.”

Background: On 5.21.10, the elected members of the Texas State Board of Education adopted new Social Studies TEKS (Texas’ curriculum standards) that are the most fact-based and patriotic of any standards in the entire United States. Since that time, publishers have been developing new social studies instructional materials (e.g., textbooks) that are supposed to be based upon the 5.21.10 Social Studies TEKS. In the upcoming Nov. 18 – 21 Board meeting, the SBOE will be voting on a list of approved Social Studies curriculum materials.

Lt. Col. White chaired Truth in Texas Textbooks; and their evaluations have now been posted on a public website —

These evaluations are easily accessible to the publishers, to the public, and to the SBOE members.

The TTT (Truth in Texas Textbooks) website is easy to understand, and all of their evaluations have been formatted so that they are easy to read and share (formatted in WORD).

Lt. Col. White has explained on the website how the public can sign up to testify at the upcoming Texas State Board of Education meeting (Nov. 18, 2014). Now by utilizing the valuable TTT evaluations, the public will feel completely confident to present their remarks.

Here are excerpts from Lt. Col. White’s website, and I have posted further on down the page some helpful links for easy access:

TTT is the largest effort by average citizens assisted by subject matter experts to do full reviews on social studies textbooks. TTT will begin to populate the website with reviews by other reputable individuals and groups such as TTT who wish to share their reviews with us.

The total number of books reviewed were 32 high school and/or middle school textbooks. Cumulatively TTT reviewers compiled 469 pages of factual errors, imbalanced presentation of materials, omission of information, opinions disguised as facts and additionally questions found in the teacher’s editions that are considered “agenda building” or “leading questions” to conclusions not supported by facts.
The goal is to have as many social studies textbook reviews posted in one place that will give parents, teachers and Board of Education members a single source to find these reviews to insure the publishers are held accountable for producing factual and honest social studies textbooks. This will be an ongoing process handled by volunteers.

No one is getting paid; we are not a 501c nor plan at this point to become one. We merely want to have the most factual and intelligently honest textbooks possible for our children.
This website is dedicated to two groups:

1. The children of Texas (our future!)
2.. The TTT Coalition volunteers who have expended thousands of hours on conference calls, reading training newsletters, going through “mock reviews” and finally conducting the actual reviews on the textbooks. As well as putting up with me.

Over 5 million children will use these textbooks over the next 8 years.

TTT has reached out to each publisher and asked to speak to them in order to facilitate change and in correcting the errors we found. They are to respond to the SBOE and TEA regarding our inputs sometime this week or early next week. We will put up their replies so everyone can see what changes are being agreed to and which ones aren’t.

Based upon those final edits we will rate the books as either “Good”, “Poor” or “Worse” but this will occur sometime in December most likely as we assess the number of changes and the impact that has on the quality of the textbook. The SBOE will vote “up or down” on the textbooks on or about November 21, 2014.

This has been over a year in the making. Our volunteers have put their lives on hold in making this happen and they are the real heroes in what is the largest and most extensive textbook review of social studies textbooks by “average” citizens in the US. I hope others like them will step up in other states and in Texas when more textbooks in other areas are put forth for adoption.


Evaluations done by TTT reviewers – listed by the name of publishing company:

Summary of findings – World History, Geography, and Cultures:

Summary of findings of factual errors, omission of facts, half-truths, and agenda bias — Economics, U. S. History, Government:

Texas State Board of Education Meetings:


11.9.14 – “Progressive Bias Rampant in Texas Textbooks” — by Merrill Hope – Breitbart Texas

2.3.13 – “Who and What Texas Freedom Network (TFN) Really Is” — by Donna Garner —

Donna Garner



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4 responses to “Parents Take Note: Textbooks Getting Reviewed

  1. Dirk Diegler

    LOL! more RightWing nuts running amok!

  2. Although the effort is appreciated (I did skim the reports, but get the gist) the “truth” movement in this case seems focused upon the portrayal of the christian religion, climate science, and other hot topics which swirl around in the lands to the south.. places where the lack of challenging weather provides more free time for the (very) general and ignorant public to contemplate these oh-so-critical issues… such as the deep concern that, in one of the books audited, the authors failed to point out the existence of christian churches having (questionably) “historical” significance in Turkey – a nation whose population hovers around 98% muslim, and has been since the Ottoman Empire took the deep six.

    As one of my favorite comedians used to say, the political class in this country (the us) loves to stir up these distractions. It keeps us fighting amongst ourselves while the ruling class (the owners) continue to drain our economy. More contemporary still, we are kept squabbling over textbooks while yet another muslim nation is bombed and its oil wealth drained, keeping alive our now 35 year tradition of bombing, invading and occupying to get what we want. Here’s the list to date: Iran (1980, 1987-1988), Libya (1981, 1986, 1989, 2011), Lebanon (1983), Kuwait (1991), Iraq (1991-2011, 2014-), Somalia (1992-1993, 2007-), Bosnia (1995), Saudi Arabia (1991, 1996), Afghanistan (1998, 2001-), Sudan (1998), Kosovo (1999), Yemen (2000, 2002-), Pakistan (2004-) and now Syria.

    Perhaps a renewed focus upon what’s truly important, and a discussion at home with our children once in a while – so we can do our job and help establish their moral and informational compass – would be time better spent than poring over books, auditing for speech and a world view that suits our brand of reality. If your children are getting their political, social, and moral education from your local public school, then in my view you have wholly failed as a parent. Find other work.

    Most relevant to this ongoing discussion, perhaps we might also ask – more fervently – why so much cash is being thrown at a school district operated more like a mafia territory than the deserved public resource – one whose leaders are truly worth following – one above reproach, conflict of interests, and shady, corrupt practice – than what is evidenced today. If I were in charge, and it would take about 10 minutes to accomplish, the mess would be well on the way to a clean up.

    Just saying…

    • Appreciate this thoughtful reply. I’m more interested in the portrayal of our nation’s history than in religious debate in the above movement; nevertheless, your point about the need for parents to instill morals and values holds true. Parents should do both – know what their children are reading and talk to them about right and wrong.

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