The Monthly Video Address

Superintendent Metzler publishes a monthly Superintendent’s message on video.  Here is my feedback on some of his statements in his latest release of Nov. 21.

Tax Rates:  Who Takes Credit?

The school tax rates are lower primarily because of a windfall of returned money from the Local Government Center’s HealthTrust plan, and the fact that voters gave the district a default budget. The voters are primarily responsible for the lower tax rates.

Putting Kids First and Listening to Qualified Individuals

Superintendent Metzler praises our district for putting kids first.  I guess that is unlike other school districts. From my observation about bloated staffing levels, it seems to me our district puts employment first and the interests of families second.  Families have to be able to afford to live in our communities and we are squeezing them out with tax rates nearing $30 a thousand in Danville and Sandown. Public education has to be saved from its own tendency to self destruct by runaway costs unrelated to quality educational outcomes. I’m glad our superintendent promises to put kids first so long as that isn’t code for “Cutting the budget hurts kids,” because that is absolutely false in a district with almost as many staff now as it had seven years ago even though enrollment is down by almost nine hundred students.

As for listening only to “qualified individuals,” that is eduspeak for not listening to elected officials like the school board or the budget committee – your representatives in local government.  If Superintendent Metzler wants to listen only to “qualified individuals,” I would suggest he reach out to other superintendents who deliver stronger academic results with far fewer resources.  We’ve given him the list. He should check it.




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2 responses to “The Monthly Video Address

  1. What a psychopath! You actually have this individual running your school system?

    In both of these clips we get a window into how deeply the alleged self-importance and arrogance has seeped into the very fibre of your school. Sad. They say the fish rots from the head down, and we have seen the fish. Sadder still, there’s a million of ’em, and they’re everywhere. But, it’s the smart ones who keep their heads down, quietly do what they’re told, and doll out contracts and jobs in a less blatant fashion. As such one can milk 10 years or more out of a district before shuttling off to the next, once the incompetence catches up or a stupid mistake overcomes the momentum.

    One might ask how much of his time is spent on such politically-charged and self-serving addresses as this one. Ask for the cost of this production and whether the use of his highly-skilled time is “for the children”.

    I am only glad that these were brief excerpts. My stomach would have difficulty keeping dinner down if I had to sit through the entire sad display as – very likely – it drones on without end.

    Between your chair, and this one, you’ve got both genders covered.

    If only one could find some IQ.

    Well, good luck.

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