Complaint to the Office of Public Integrity

Nov.24, 2014

Dear Attorney General:

We submit the attached letter of complaint for your attention with the faith that you will forward it to the appropriate investigative team under your supervision.
The first attachment in this email is our letter of complaint concerning the Timberlane Regional School District and SAU #55 for a repeated pattern of withholding public information for political purposes and charging people in elective office for that information. The second attachment is a very detailed history of municipal budget law violations at Timberlane supported by extensive documentation we have uploaded to Google drive. The budget infractions are just a part of our larger complaint.
Thank you for your attention to this matter and we hope to hear from you soon to learn who will be investigating our complaint.
Donna Green
Arthur Green


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6 responses to “Complaint to the Office of Public Integrity

  1. I suspect something nefarious being done with some money in your school district. Leave no stone unturned! It is time to take back local control of our school districts and local governments and send the oppressors to early retirement or to jail, whichever fits!

    • We have no evidence of anything nefarious being done with district money. Our complaints are those of process, transparency and adhering to the law. We are fighting to exercise our elected duty of oversight. There is no suggestion of anything underhanded being done with taxpayer money – for the record.

    • Readers, and most critically those responsible to the law, may have some difficulty finding any other motive than what John suggests. Of course Donna Green has “no evidence of anything nefarious being done with district money”, but the lack of such evidence in no way means that angelic propriety is the order of the day. Given the efforts to obscure, obstruct, avoid, and explain away calls for correction and reform, it’s difficult to hold any other concluding motive.

      • There are other explanations. It seems to me what is going on is an epic power struggle between some elected officials and administrators. Information is a way to have power and keep power, with resulting budget success. This is about oversight by the people’s representatives.

  2. Your arguments and evidence should make the hairs on the back of an Attorney General’s neck stand up and be noticed. Let’s hope New Hampshire has evolved from the corrupt old boy hick paradise of old into a state that has the guts to send a strong message through criminal and civil sanction. Such would not be a violation of the New Hampshire town meeting governance tradition, but rather an affirmation for its continuance and strength.

    Violation after violation of a willful, knowing nature, cannot be argued away as blunder or incompetence. Although the latter have been well demonstrated, it’s the repeat performance that stands out.

    I think we all look forward to hearing that the AG has launched an investigation, with relevant matters referred to the Department of Education and other state agencies.

    I follow your blog as one who is encouraged by elected officials who – when faced with corruption – actually do something to root it out. Surely your readers, unless dependent upon or otherwise immersed in the ongoing maladministration of your school district, should cheer you on.

    Readers: let’s pile on our support to Donna Green and her husband. Even if this effort fails to achieve any traction, the stand taken by these courageous citizens is worthy of praise and emulation.

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