Arthur Green Calls Out Budget Gamesmanship

Listen to School Budget Committee member, Arthur Green, talk about the issues and challenges facing him and the budget committee on Girard at Large.  Another outstanding interview to bring you up-to-date on a dysfunctional budget process.

Arcane Info or basic budget requirements? Girard Nov. 24

 CORRECTION Nov. 26, 3014:  I impetuously called into Mr. Girard’s radio show early in the morning of Nov. 24 to respond to the discussion of the SAU’s Right to Know policy.  During that conversation I mistakenly confused an SAU meeting with a Timberlane School Board meeting.  I felt incredibly stupid because I simply misremembered what happened at which meeting when the issue was discussed.  The SAU meeting in question was not captured on Vimeo.  (This was the meeting in which the SAU chairman was pushed into resigning.) This is the second time I’ve confused an SAU meeting with a Timberlane meeting.  When you’re arguing with the same people over the same issue, it is easy to lose track of what meeting is what.  Apologies to listeners.



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