Town Hall on Draft School Budget: Sunday Dec 7th

Dear Concerned Timberlane School District Citizens:

School Budget Committee members from Sandown, Arthur Green and Cathy Gorman, will be presenting an open Town Hall style meeting
DEC 7, 2014
1-3 PM

This will be their own take on the draft budget.  Come hear Arthur’s detailed and powerful argument that the district is considerably overstaffed. He bases his argument on an in-depth examination of comparable districts that have better academic outcomes than Timberlane.
Cathy Gorman will speak about Full-Time Kindgarten and its costs.
Donna Green, Sandown representative on the School Board, will speak about policy changes and practices at the district that are having a negative effect on school board oversight and transparency.
Please come and bring your neighbors for this “unofficial” take on the budget.  Questions are welcomed at the meeting, which will be moderated by Gordon Champion.
Donna Green
P.S. Superintendent Metzler, Business Administrator, George Stokinger and School Board rep from Sandown, Kelly Ward have been invited and have not responded.
UPDATE Dec. 2, 2014: At 6:30 last night, Mr. Stokinger and Superintendent Metzler replied that they were not available for the meeting. The original invitation was sent on Nov. 2.
P.P.S.  We regret that this meeting falls at the same time as a student concert at the high school.  The availability of budget information and the town hall did not give us many options with the date.


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11 responses to “Town Hall on Draft School Budget: Sunday Dec 7th

  1. thehumblehost

    You guys ought to see that Sandown and or Timberlane public access TV will be on hand to record the meeting.

  2. Rob Collins

    For those interested in another perspective that details a rationale as to why Mr. Green’s presentation is not accurate and draws a conclusion that is not valid click the link below and jump ahead to 1:33:00.

    PS – I presented this information to the Budget Committee at their 11/24 meeting and I have not been extended an invitation to attend the Green’s Town Hall meeting to present these same findings.

    • Arthur will be addressing your argument in his presentation…. and it is a public meeting. Come if you wish. No doubt you will have all the time you want at Deliberative whereas we will be restricted in time at Deliberative. Furthermore, I was not invited to your presentation at Budcom, nor was I notified about it but somehow a quorum of the board was present to support you.
      Those watching Mr. Collins presentation should realize the Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) that he speaks about have never once been mentioned at school board. You should also know that it is a measure of improvement.
      My dance teacher recently told me I was the most improved student in the class. I knew very well what she meant: I was the worst and I am still the worst but a much better worst. Fortunately I am not trying to become a dancer because improvement is great but actual excellence in skills is better. And by the way, I’m not giving up 😉

  3. Rob Collins

    Mrs. Green,

    I didn’t notify or invite anyone about my presentation outside of Bud Com. I had been in a Curriculum Committee meeting in the adjacent conference room along with Mr. Bealo and Mrs. Steenson. When that meeting broke they, and some others from the meeting, decided to stay and watch my presentation. Mr. Sapia was there unbeknownst to me and Mr. Blair was there as the Budget Committee liaison from the Board. In fact, I had no idea who was in the audience until I finished the presentation and turned around. I wasn’t aware Mrs. Steenson stayed to watch until I spoke with her days later. None of those mentioned above spoke a word in support or otherwise during the meeting. As far as I know they disagree with what I presented, I didn’t ask. Don’t let paranoia get the best of you. Often there is a reasonable explanation to what you suspect happened.

    AMO was sent to the full Board when it was released last winter, you were not on the Board then. It was also part of my presentation at the deliberative session. It was a VERY small portion of my presentation to the Bud Com last week, the point of which was to say there are many measures one could use to show academic success, they vary quite a bit and none are perfect. US News and World Report rankings are also included in my PPT, they also show the average STR is much lower than what Mr. Green presented. If all you’ve got is a criticism of AMO then I guess I’m doing pretty well!

    Here is the link to both my presentation and Mr. Green’s:

    • And how did the rest of the board know you were making a presentation to the Budcom?

      • Rob Collins

        The people who were there knew because I was pulled out of the curriculum meeting and then they had to walk through the Board room to get out of the building, it was unavoidable. In fact, in the Bud Com Vimeo you can hear the meeting break and the loud voices as they exited the conference room while Mr. Green is speaking at the beginning of my presentation. None of them, except Mr. Sapia, were in the Bud Com meeting until after the C&A meeting broke.

  4. From the sidelines

    Thank you Donna, Cathy, Arthur and others who took the time to present information to public today. The session was quite informative!

    The absence of other School Board representatives in the audience spoke volumes. I also found it interesting that our other elected Board member was present but not an active participant.

    • Thank you!
      In fairness, there was a big music concert this afternoon which is perhaps why other school board members did not attend. We were glad to have Kelly Ward give us a fair hearing and were grateful that he attended.

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