Metzler Backing Down on Moving 5th Grade

In the category of “Rockie, Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!” this was sent from the SAU at 5 pm Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014

Hello Board members,

As follow up to the school board’s vote on December 4th to support the Superintendent’s plan to reduce the proposed 2015-16 budget by closing Sandown Central, Dr. Metzler directed Deb Armfield to meet with key administrators (Sandown building principals and Director of Special Education) to plan for a 2015-16 consolidation plan for the two Sandown schools. Dr. Metzler is now confident Sandown grades 4 and 5 will fit comfortably at Sandown North without the use of portable classrooms or additions to the building. The district-wide special education program currently located at Sandown North will be relocated to accommodate this consolidation and the specifics about this transition plan will be forthcoming over the next few weeks. Facilities Director Jim Hughes has also confirmed that additional playground space can be developed at Sandown North.

The next phase in this proposal will involve identifying options for the Sandown Central building and grounds once vacated by grades 4 and 5.

Dr. Metzler extends his thanks to you once again for your ongoing support.

Have a good evening,
Gentle Readers: Please don’t presume my support of any of this as the superintendent disingenuously does in his communication. I am waiting to see an actual plan to support the practicality of this service relocation and ensure that when our elementary-aged child population starts to grow in 2020, we will not have to build a whole new school.

P.S. School Board Chair, Nancy Steenson, informs me there is no legal letter of opinion interpreting the Timberlane Articles of Agreement. Superintendent Metzler came up with his own interpretation of the agreement, it seems. I support Cathy Gorman’s interpretation that moving Fifth Grade out of Sandown is in violation of the Articles of Agreement.



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12 responses to “Metzler Backing Down on Moving 5th Grade

  1. “The next phase in this proposal will involve identifying options for the Sandown Central building and grounds once vacated by grades 4 and 5.”

    As in sold to a developer who just happens to be a relative of the corrupt thugs running your system.

  2. Betty Ingram

    I think Mr. Metzler has really overstepped his bounds and needs to be dealt with….the school board forgets that they work for us, we don’t work for them.

  3. Chris True

    This is great news and I am relieved to hear Dr. Metzler say this. In my opinion, Dr. Metzler is an honorable man and I know that he would never do anything to deceive anyone about anything , for he lives his life by the creed of ‘A man is only as good as his word.
    In my opinion, there are people in the TRSD administration, the TRSB and in the SAU who pride themselves on their ability to parse their words and in effect, be intellectually dishonest.

    I know that Dr. Metzler is not like that.


    Always trust … but verify.

  4. Jim Buckley

    It is really hard to have any confidence in the decision making ability of an Administration and Board(s) that in March of this very year asked us to approve $385,412 to renovate the kitchen of a school that we do not even need. With the declining enrollment, we should have been looking into what facilities were truly needed long before this.

    • And you should also note how the Capital Improvement Committee is crawling to a start. There is no reason it should not have been up and running months ago with community reps joining as they were recruited. I am skeptical about the administration’s commitment to this badly needed initiative. This is what the superintendent said at the Dec. 4th meeting talking about putting the reopening of Sandown Central on a warrant article:
      The warrant article that you will see perhaps will be to put this warrant article back into the budget with a new kitchen by the way so that school can have the same kitchen as all our other kitchen can have. That’s a warrant article you may see this time. So the voters will have have an opportunity to put the school back online.

    • Jim,

      Just so you know, I voted against putting this warrant forward as I said at the time that the Capital Improvement Plan has to be established before we can know if this school is going to stay open. No point in renovating a kitchen at such huge expense before knowing that… but you can see the Superintendent wants it both ways. Prior to the vote about closing Central and enlarging Sandown North, the boilers at Central were replaced.

      And by the way, one could buy a fully equipped restaurant for what they are asking to just renovate that small kitchen.

  5. XMAN

    Does this mean there will be a staff reduction, or will the teachers be moved to another location?

  6. XMAN

    $10 -$1 that they keep all staff. We can get rid of a building but “God Forgive” if a teacher were let go.

  7. Cathy

    Saying he backed down implies he had the authority to move grade 5in the first place, in my opinion.
    Perhaps the SAU/SB hoped people would not take note and read the Articles of Agreement and NH RSAs and blindly believe the spin. The SAU/SB got away with not holding a public hearing and clearly notifying the public (as required by law) that they were returned $1M (+) of “their” tax dollars in unanticipated funds from the HealthTrust fund … Why not try to get away with violating a binding contract and a couple more RSAs?

  8. Cathy

    Tri-town :
    Budget With Care, Not Punishment

    Posted on December 11, 2014• by Editor

    • I absolutely adore this conclusion to the article, “Starting with a flat budget is a valid way to do things. Reacting with scare tactics is not the response we expect from adults.”

      “I know that Dr. Metzler is not like that.” remarks a commenter.

      Apparently a large number who can read, view and understand his statements and actions know differently.

      Let’s evolve to where, minimally, an adult is running a school system, and strive upward from there.

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