Is This the Vote to Close Sandown Central?

Here is a video excerpt  from the Dec. 4, 2014 Timberlane School Board meeting where Superintendent Metzler presented the board with the budget documents that were predicated on closing Sandonw Central School.  The board deliberated this brand new information, just seen that very night at the meeting, for all of 46 minutes.  At 44:56:00 minutes, they took a vote on the following motion brought forth by Atkinson’s Mr. Sapia:

“I make a motion to support the superintendent in moving this proposed budget [draft 2] forward.”

And that, Gentle Readers, is what your superintendent takes as the school board’s decision to close Sandown Central.  (As usual, I was the only vote against.)

Below is the full 46 minutes the school board took to deliberate the brand new idea of closing a school in Sandown.  Unfortunately the software permits only 15 minute segments so the 46 minutes had to be split into four video clips.  The motion is in the fourth clip. I would urge you to watch the other clips because you will be shocked and appalled at the superficiality of the discussion. Keep in mind, this is the very first time the school board had seen any figures about this proposal or had heard about it at all. Nothing was communicated in advance of this meeting – at least not to me.  I give more thought to my weekly grocery shopping than this committee did to the closing of a school – if this is what you think they did.

I personally believe they voted to give the superintendent a poker chip to play against the budget committee. Does it look to you like the school board thought they were actually closing a school, as Superintendent Metzler is making this vote out to be?

Either they intended only to authorize a bargaining ploy, or they treated the closing of a neighborhood school with breathtaking superficiality.  You decide.



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