On Trying to View Sandown Central and North

If the school board is  going to be expected to vote on a consolidation plan, I need to be fully informed about the current facilities and their use.  One might expect everyone else to feel the same. To this end, I emailed a request to the school board chairman, Nancy Steenson, representative of the people of Danville.

Dec. 15, 2014 9:20 a.m.

Madam Chairman:

In order to have an informed opinion about a facilities consolidation plan I require current knowledge of both school facilities, preferably before the next school board meeting on Dec. 18th and most certainly before the next budget committee meeting on Dec. 23.

Please arrange an in-depth tour of all rooms, storage areas and outside spaces for both facilities as soon as possible.  I am available any morning and most afternoons.
Other members of our board and the budget committee might also benefit from such an inspection. 
Thank you,
Donna Green
Dec. 16, 2014  10:09 am

Mrs. Green,

I have confirmed with Jim Hughes that he is available to provide a tour of SN on the following dates:

Monday evening (day before budcom meeting) – December 22nd

Monday during the day (school vacation) – December 29th

Friday during the day (school vacation) – January 2nd

 This would be a tour for you and any other Board or Budget committee members only. Tours for the public are every year in September. Please let me know which date works best for you, as Jim’s schedule fills up quickly. Once you decide on a date, I will extend an invitation to the rest of the School Board and Budget Committee.



Dec. 16, 2014  1:08 pm

I’m afraid none of these times are responsive to my request.  I asked to see the facilities during the day before the evening of Dec. 23.  If Mr. Hughes can’t arrange this, then I will ask the Sandown Board of Selectmen to see what they can arrange through Dr. Metzler.

I am also certain the principals in question would be happy to assist within the timeframe requested so that Mr. Hughes’ schedule need not be the limiting factor.
How would you like  to proceed?  


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3 responses to “On Trying to View Sandown Central and North

  1. Mary J

    When Sandown North was viewed for September facilities tour were School Board and Budget Committee aware of consideration for consolidating schools the two schools then? NO, correct?

    Closing Sandown Central has not been voted by majority of School Board to close, correct?

    Closing Sandown Central is not on this week’s agenda for information or action, correct?

    Consolidating Sandown North and Central is not on this week’s agenda for information or action, correct?

    Has the School Board seen and are there any written plans for closing and consolidation?

    But it is on the Budget Committee’s table to consider, correct?

    Which comes first the chicken or the egg?

  2. metzlerthewizard@yellowbrickroad.com

    I wonder why they didn’t offer this proactively? One would think, if Dr. Metzler was trying to make such a drastic move he would welcome the SB and BudComm into both schools the view their conditions, to garner support for his cause?

    • Cathy

      SB and BudCom ??! What about providing/allowing the students and parents impacted an explanation and a tour of where their children will be relocated/ residing for 4th and/or 5th grade?
      Just a thought; a little communication with the people that pay the Super’s salary. Remember: the Stake Holders? The investors?

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