Stonewalling Continues

Dec. 16, 2014   3:07 pm

Mrs. Green,

I have indeed responded to your request. Building tours are given by Mr. Hughes, they are arranged by the superintendent, and these tours only happen after hours on days that school is in session so as not to disrupt the students or staff. The principals neither schedule nor lead tours of their buildings, except during the annual facilities tours in September. Perhaps you’re not aware of how full their days are already. I have copied Dr. Metzler on this response; I, personally, am not aware of how a request by you to the Sandown Board of Selectmen would change the availability of tours.

If you’d still like a tour during one of these times, please let me know.



Dec. 16, 2014  10:17 pm

Ms. Steenson:
I would imagine the BOS, in representing the town and the residents affected by this proposal, want to know what’s going on.  In the spirit of fostering a good working relationship we all should want  to ensure that, if not the general public, ALL of the elected officials who represent them are directly made aware of the facts and opportunities so as to have informed observance as a basis for their questions and input to any plan affecting the schools.
Given the unusual situation we find ourselves in, it is unreasonable to deny a tour of facilities of both schools during the operational day to observe how the classrooms and other spaces are used. Full knowledge and understanding of any consolidation plan can only be achieved by a tour of both facilities as they are operating with students in them.
Worrisome progression of events:
  • Donna Green banned from the SAU building without superintendent’s written permission:  July 25, 2014.  Revoked only after a letter from my lawyer more than 7 weeks later.
  • Plaistow Police detail now on duty during all school board and budget committee meetings as of Dec. 11. 2014
  • Sandown representatives denied access to Sandown elementary schools during school hours   Dec. 16, 2014

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