Budget Approved at $67.7 Million

The number is $67,723,927

This is about $400,000 more than a flatline budget.

Add to this  another $98,000 for a new collective bargaining agreement with the support staff union if this passes the voters.

Timberlane’s 2015-2016 budget goes to public hearing  Jan. 15 at   7 pm PAC.

The Battle of the Titans continues to Deliberative,  Thursday, Feb. 5th, 7 pm.

More tomorrow, gentle readers.




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2 responses to “Budget Approved at $67.7 Million

  1. Mark Acciard

    As TRSD is reporting Average Daily Attendance of 3,756 students, this budget represents a cost per student of $18,030.86 to educate a child at Timberlane.

    Does anyone think they are getting their money’s worth?

    Here are some private school tuitions:

    St. Thomas Aquinas: $10,100
    Derryfield: $24,700
    Liberty Harbor: $15,000
    Pinkerton Academy: $10,800
    Bishop Guertin: $12,250
    Trinity: $8,971
    Nashua Christian: 6,395

    Food for thought



    • Mark,
      Critics of this sort of comparison will say that none of these schools provide Special Education. Pinkerton certainly has Spec. Ed. I don’t know about private schools but I would imagine they, too, have to provide reading specialists, speech therapists, etc., though perhaps not autism or other more serious accommodations. I just don’t know.

      Readers: Mr. Acciard is here using what I call the “gross per pupil cost: which is different from the state published per pupil cost. Gross per pupil cost takes the entire budget and divides it by the numbers of students which gives you a comparison with private school tuition, but not with the NH Dept of Education per pupil costs which does not include transportation and some other costs which may serve to undermine a fair comparison between school districts. I personally prefer the gross per pupil cost because it shows just how much is actually being spent per student and it is astonishing.

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