The Real Reason TRSD Hired a PR Consultant

“…[T]here are people out here who are trying to sabotage things…”

This is how Rob Collins, former Chairman of the Timberlane School Board, feels about this blog and the representation that Mr. Green and I are providing.  He and the district will be using your taxpayer dollars by way of a PR person to combat the public policy measures we are advocating.

Here is a clip from Danville’s fascinating Selectman’s meeting of Dec. 22 where they discussed trying to change the district’s funding formula or withdrawing from the school district.   I disagree with virtually everything Mr. Collins says at this meeting and would dispute the relevance of his facts, especially his claim that our cost per pupil is in the lowest third for the entire state.  Why does Timberlane think it should be comparing itself to tiny school districts in rural areas?  Of the ten school districts in the state  similar in size to Timberlane, we have the third highest cost per pupil for 2013-2014.  I could go on disputing his reasoning, but I  most want to draw to your attention to the real reason Timberlane hired a PR specialist, according to the man who was instrumental in the bidding and contracting process.

Now Mr. Collins’ own words:

Citizen:  Why do we need a PR person?

Rob Collins: “I was on the chair of the committee that spearheaded that.  So the last five years, you may recall, that in the mail you get something called School Board Notes…  predominantly I wrote that…  To mail that out 4 times a year costs about $12,000, maybe a little bit more…  We’ve stopped that.  We’re not doing that.  To hire the PR consultant  is less than that.  It’s $10,500.

Citizen:  That is not a full year cost.
Collins:  You’re right… it is to the end of June.
Citizen: Why do you need a PR person for a public high school that our kids have to go to?
Collins:  “Well, it is for the entire district actually.  It would be for efforts like educating the public on the [funding] formula.  It would be for efforts for getting out information that’s true and not skewed like we see currently.  That’s right.  That’s Mr. Green right there bravely waving his hand.  So there are people out here who are trying to sabotage things and we cannot work our jobs, meet twice a month, and deal with things like what’s going on which angers people…”
Watch it yourself:

The law has something to say about this. RSA 659:44-a Electioneering by Public Employees:

No public employee, as defined in RSA 273-A:1, IX, shall electioneer while in the performance of his or her official duties or use government property, including, but not limited to, telephones, facsimile machines, vehicles, and computers, for electioneering.  For the purposes of this section, “electioneer” means to act in any way specifically designed to influence the vote of a voter on any question or office.  Any person who violates this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

A public employee is defined as “any person employed by a public employer . . .”  with some other qualifications not pertaining to a PR consultant.

Here is the whole meeting:

The Attorney General’s Role in Overseeing Municipal Governance , by:




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3 responses to “The Real Reason TRSD Hired a PR Consultant

  1. Electioneering is a long standing tradition at Timberlane.

  2. “…[T]here are people out here who are trying to sabotage things…”

    Ah, the arrogant whining begins. And with such entitlement! Well, this is a very, very good sign, similar to the last gurgle following a deeply satisfying toilet flush. What follows the whining? Why, flailing of course. Then, a blessed and deep silence. It’s a cycle and it leads to an inevitable. Just like drowning.

    Quick, somebody throw an anchor wrapped in a no-bid contract. Let’s see who catches it next; how many links of the chain go below the surface, onward to the depths of greed.

    Down where I reside, silence from the corrupt political class is distinctive mostly because the corrupt political class comprises the majority of the political establishment. When we don’t hear from them any more it’s because of a good jailing or two. It’s the ultimate entitlement attenuator! A nice grand jury investigation. Some fun facts in the papers. A little churning. Finger-pointing. Flailing. Some plea deals. And then, blessed silence, followed by fiscal sanity. Or, so hopes the ordinary working taxpaying slob who is simply trying to keep his home intact amidst a sea of malfeasance and misappropriation of their forced “contribution”, a land where more is never quite enough.

    Sabotage? Oh yes indeed. Please do sabotage “things”. And how unfortunate it is! The gravy train “thing” is being run off the rails. The no-bid contracts for friends and family thing is on the way out. The jobs for the otherwise unemployable “thing” will soon be a no-more kind of thing. The no-questions-asked hands-(and brains)-off management thing is a thing that ain’t got that swing.

    Admit it. You’ve reached the end of a good run. Now it’s time for the taxpayers to do the Jesus thing. A cleansing of the Temple kind of thing. Get out the bleach. It’s going to be a very long scrub.

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