Hiding Behind Facebook

Will the real author of the Facebook page, Support Timberlane, please stand up?

I believe it is Gretchen  Grosky, the hired PR specialist for Timberlane.  If so it would put the district on the slippery edge of electioneering.

The cover page says “Join us in telling the GREENS that our kids, our teachers and our school district are not simply numbers!  Deliberative Session, Feb 5th. 7 pm”

It also features a clip of me and Arthur Green suggesting a much lower operating budget for Timberlane.  The clip of me was taken out of a very interesting school board discussion from Dec. 18 and I would heartily recommend you watch the dialogue from which the clip was drawn. This link will take you to the relevant point in the recording which also includes Ms. Armfield explaining the consolidation plan:


Most people who rail against the suggestion to lower the operating budget to something affordable for local families have not themselves challenged Arthur Green’s numbers or delved into the expenditures yet they insist cuts would harm the children.  Before Dr. Metzler’s budgets, our district ran on $61 million  for three years in a row. Now, with fewer students, we need almost $68 million and we have to close a school. Does this sound reasonable?  If management implemented cuts with earnestness, education would not be affected but the number of staff certainly would be. So what is this really about?  Education or jobs at Timberlane?

The plan to consolidate Sandown Central at Sandown North involves the consolidations of one second, third, fourth and fifth grade class.  That eliminates four classes and we will still not exceed the recommended maximum number of students per class as per Timberlane policy.  This should tell you that when there is a will there is a way to run on less without educational impact.  Atkinson Academy has the largest classes in our district’s elementary system yet they and Sandown Central are the highest rated elementary schools in our system according to Niche.com, which Mr. Bealo cites on Facebook.  Empirical evidence and academic study have exploded the notion that class size affects educational outcome.  Think back into your own education and you will know that classes of 30 plus were the norm in the 60s yet few of us felt short changed by our elementary education.  In any event, we are not advocating changing class size limits as set by Timberlane policy and we have shown that even with the staff reductions we recommend, Timberlane will have abundant resources to maintain the existing class size limits.

And Mr. Bealo, stop posting comments on Facebook about my personal history.  You have no knowledge of me, Arthur Green or our background and please don’t pretend you do.  Your facts are wrong and often deprecating. You and I have have one thing in common:  we were both censured by the Timberlane school board.  Mine was quite public and intended to discredit a dissident voice.  Yours was hushed up.  Would you like to tell us and your Facebook audience what your censure was about?

Support Timberlane, you are right.  Our school district is not simply about numbers.  It is about giving children the finest education while allowing families to afford their homes.  We are at the point where towns want to leave the district because they think they can do it better for less. What has gotten us into this mess is not Arthur and Donna Green, rather it is relentless school  budgets that are outstripping our ability to pay.




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37 responses to “Hiding Behind Facebook

  1. AngryTaxpayer

    Here here Donna. I would be concerned if any part of that foo foo. Facebook page is being run by anyone related to the school. Teachers? Parents? Staff?

    Teachers shouldn’t be electioneering, students don’t pay the bills, and the parents are getting railroaded by Dr Metzler and the SB.

    • Seems Peter Bealo is one of the authors as per a posting on the Facebook page. This doesn’t rule out a professional, however.

      Just for the record, in case anyone is wondering in this mud fest, that neither me nor my husband has ever posted anything anonymously.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Richard Marx Tribute

    You just allow others to post anonymously and then pretend you don’t know them….right?

    Why would anyone want to expose themselves to the nasty vitriol and attacks you unleash on anyone who disagrees with you!?!?

    K1MGY, you care to chime in here? Maybe you could discuss your holidays spent with the in laws?

    • mark acciard

      As one who has challenged public corruption in the past, I have always felt that if your arguments are so weak that you can not put your name to them, they are not worth making. Some people do not possess the honor, integrity, or courage to stand by their beliefs and comments, Many public officials are very brave when hiding behind the cloak of anonymity, but when they are revealed and connfronted over their words they slink into the ignominious retreat of “well, i have my opinion, too”.

  3. Oh I see, you can post questionable information and personal attacks, but when it comes your way, that’s a problem. Your hypocrisy is mind blowing.
    As a Timberlane alumni, district tax payer, and parent of three current students, I have far more personal stake in this district than you ever have or ever will. If you hate our district so much, do us all a favor and leave.
    I’m not on Facebook and I don’t care what is posted there. What I do care about is the embarrassment you are causing for Timberlane. If you feel everyone is against you, maybe it is time to consider that you are in the wrong. Frankly, I’m tired of looking up information about the good things happening at Timberlane and having your ridiculous blog come up in my searches. Enough is enough.

    • mark acciard

      With as little respect as is evidently due. The Greens are posting their critiques ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE! When a government agency does it on an official website, THAT IS ILLEGAL.

      There is a vast difference.

      Next time it could be YOU the District attacks. it could be a subject of concern to YOU.

      • Mark,
        This is the beauty of the strategy. Facebook is not an official website and no public resources are used to support it – unless someone who is employed by the district is posting on it.

      • mark acciard

        Donna, with all due respect. It uses TRSD logos, and artwork, it purports to represent the staff, admin and employees of the district. It can easily be established through Court injunction who owns and controls it. If it was not established by district officials they have a responsibility to contact FaceBook and STOP THE MISUSE OF THEIR LOGOS AND ARTWORK. Just as I would do if somone else was posing as me creating a page alleging to represent my business.

      • ID10T

        Dear Donna, Facebook is an official website…

    • Atkinson

      “Greap” I couldn’t disagree with you more. I am also a Timberlane Alumni, district tax payer, and parent of three current students. I don’t need to do internet searches to find out “good” things about Timberlane. I go to the sporting and music events. I participate at the schools and get to know the teachers and staff. But I can tell you that I don’t think I get very good value for my tax dollars. My kids are not challenged. The homework is ridiculous to non existent. Public education has become focused on the lowest common denominator and in this school district every year we are asked to throw more $$ at it. This district has lost focus. I don’t understand why the district doesn’t try to make it’s own efforts to do better with less. Show the taxpayers they are responsible and thoughtful with our money. That is the only way for the district to ever dream about getting the go ahead for a new high school.

      • Don’t be mistaken. I am at the schools daily. My kids participate in multiple sports, music, and community programs. I volunteer at a great many activities and communicate with teachers and staff regularly. But when I go online to check the time of an event, or look up an article that my child was mentioned in, I am tired of seeing all the negativity that is spread by this blog and it’s associated side show. It is not good for our district and is seems to be taking up more than it’s fair share of time and resources to deal with.
        One of my children is probably part of that “lowest common denominator” that you speak of as she has learning disabilities and an IEP. Although I had to be a strong advocate for her, I have been very pleased with her progress and I am grateful for what has been put in place for her to become a successful student.
        My other two children do not receive special ed services, and although there a things that could be better, I have been overall very happy with each of the schools they have been in.
        There are always things that can be improved upon and the district should always strive to do more with it’s resources. But, let’s face it, the Greens are complainers. They will never stop. They remind of Glenn Beck. The idea that there is some big conspiracy in the district is ridiculous. At this point, the energy that is being used to deal with their antics could be put to far better use serving the children of our district.

      • Every child is a gift. I have never used the expression “lowest common denominator” that I can recall and certainly not with respect to children.
        A healthy district is one that can handle criticism and use it to improve. An unhealthy one feels it needs to smear, suppress and threaten. It is not Arthur and I who are powerful; it is the power of our message and that is what the district is having a hard time controlling. We are not complainers, we are realists working to keep public education from collapsing in on itself from outstripping the taxpayers’ ability to pay for it.

  4. Perhaps these folks should read up on what constitutes Libel and how charges could be brought up against them.

  5. CC

    When did the TRSD school board change the districts policies on bullying and cyber bullying?

    Imagine if a group of students made a Facebook page like that about another student or students?

    Another proud moment in TRSD history.

  6. mark acciard

    So let me get this straight;

    The DISTRICT is operating a FaceBook page and Twitter account that evidently has the purpose of slandering School Boards members, and taxpayers who do not toe the line of comments politically approved by the neo Fasicstic leaders of the school board, and the ever growing Educational Bureacracy at Timberlane.

    And THis effort is being subsidized by the very taxpayers whose free speech rights are being infringed upon.


    I suggest that Mr. Collins, Ms. Steenson, and Mr. Metzler actually sit down and READ the State’s electioneering statute.


    • Mark,

      I don’t have any proof that Mrs. Grosky is behind the Facebook page – just putting two and two together. Rob Collins said the person hired would work on the Facebook page and would also combat those who are striving to “sabotage things.” I don’t know how to confirm exactly what Ms. Grosky is doing.

      • mark acciard

        Well, in an HONEST District you could simply ASK, as her duties and pay are all public information, but given TRSD’s documented history of obfuscation, opaqueness, and failure to comply with the States publi information laws. This HONORABLE course of action would probably be futile.

  7. Jeanmarie Ward

    I have been banned from the Support Timberlane facebook page and haven’t been given an explanation as to why. I simply asked who the admins of the page are (and I did the same on another page called Save Sandown Taxes). While I may not agree with you Mrs Green, I respect you as you were elected in your position by your town and should be treated with respect and stated as such on that page. I do feel that the Support Timberlane page does seem to be branded as part of the district, although there is no evidence as such, so I feel mistreated as a taxpayer for being banned without warning.

    • Thank you for writing. You are in good company. At least three people I know have also been blocked from Support Timberlane. I myself cannot post a comment. The page clearly is not interested in opposing views or respectful airing of different opinions.
      Just who is behind Support Timberlane and why do they feel they can use the district’s logos? And why is their position so weak that they cannot tolerate divergent opinions?

      For those who think talking sweetly would elicit a different response, know who you are dealing with.

    • Mary J

      Jeanmarie Ward TRSD Facebook “liked Support Timberlane”
      It does seem to be branded as part of the district.
      Comments by some who challenged or provided another view point have been deleted. Seems Support Timberlane is an exclusive club and wants to keep it that way.

  8. mark acciard

    Funny, I just went to the Support Timberlane page, i posted one comment about the inaccuracy in their cost per pupil number. When i tried to post a second comment regarding their link to info comparing TRSD to hudson,, pointing out that the TRSD numbers were FIVE YEARS OLD, I got a dialog box that i no longer had permission to post.

    My question for the ADMINS should they read this is WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?

    • Mark = fraud

      Perhaps Mark because you no longer live in the district and you are just looking to start trouble?

      • SupportTimberlane anonymous writer. Your posts are officially blocked as of this morning. Personal attacks on this blog are not to be directed toward commentators. This comment is a mild example of other objectionable posts I’ve received which will not be published.

  9. Rob Collins

    Mark, it wouldn’t surprise me, especially if you’re post there is anything like your posts here, that it was factually incorrect.

    What did you post there?

  10. Steven R

    If management implemented cuts with earnestness, education would not be affected but the number of staff certainly would be. So what is this really about? Education or jobs at Timberlane? I believe those were your exact words? well,
    what is it to you Donna?
    Saving sandown,
    or Saving your wallet…

    • I will let my readers decide that answer to the question. The educationists will have you think that any threat to the purse strings of the system is a threat to education. It is not.

  11. Curt Springer

    School boards have statutory authority over buildings, students and staff but none whatever over their members. No sanction by a school board against a member is a lawful action, including a censure.

    • Censure isn’t unlawful either… the law is indifferent to it as I understand it – and I have discussed it with a lawyer.

      • Curt Springer

        NH is not a home rule state. The powers of local boards are spelled out in great detail in state statutes because that is all they can do. I’m sure you know that some boards have tried to institute speech codes. Your censure was intended to be an official act of the board and because it is not authorized by statute it is unlawful. Of course the other members are free to voice their disapproval of you, they don’t check their free speech rights at the door, either. But they may only express themselves as individuals, not as a body. Pedantic, yes!

  12. Pattie O'Sullivan

    I attended my first SAU 55 meeting this evening and want to thank Donna for trying to make the voice of the taxpayers heard. Believe it or not, it isn’t necessary to have budgets increase every year especially not to the tune of expenses increasing by 17% ($275,810 /1,622,821). http://www.sau56.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/SAU-2015-2016-Approved-Budget-V2-12-08-141.pdf
    (I know there is some moving around of expenses from the Timberlane Budget to the SAU budget, but that is only a fraction of the total increase).I am aware this is a stream about Timberlane, but the first cog of your tax increases begins at the SAU level. Would anyone on the board raise their hand to have their home budget increase by 17% for just Cable and then have Oil increase as well? Donna is trying to spend the taxpayers money the way she spends her own, with an eye toward being responsible and only spending what we have. The SAU and Timberlane would be wise to keep an eye on what SAU 56 and Somersworth School District have gone through with Rollinsford deciding to finally jump ship. They talked about it for many years and it finally happened. This is the link to one of the budget meeting minutes for Somersworth after they lost a good portion of Rollinsford students. http://www.sau56.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Somersworth-BUdget-Workshop-January-29-2015.pdf

    • Those are very interesting and detailed minutes. Thank you for posting and introducing yourself to me after the meeting tonight.
      Most appreciate your comments and insight.

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