School Board Delays Closing Vote

Sandown Central’s fate has still not been made official.  The vote has been put off to the next school board meeting, Jan. 22.  Tonight’s meeting approved school ballot warrant articles.

Sorry, Sandown.  You will not be given the choice of voting for the school to stay open unless you also approve putting in a new kitchen to the tune of $416,245.

Citizen’s petition anyone?  (You’ve got to Jan. 13 at 5 pm )

The district’s slap dash  “closing plan”  was given to the board at the meeting tonight.  It will be posted here tomorrow for your own critique and disappointment.  They had to throw something together so as not to be in blatant violation of their own policies, but really, would you give it a passing grade?  Stay tuned.



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8 responses to “School Board Delays Closing Vote

  1. From the sidelines

    It was interesting to observe during the meeting how certain members of the board changed the verbiage being used in reference to the school closing. The closing is now being referenced as a transfer of students.

    I believe the vote to close Sandown Central occurred last evening and failed. If I am not mistaken, there was a motion to the effect to ‘Transfer the classes from Sandown Central to Sandown North and to relocate the special education program to a location identified by the administration’. This vote failed. According to Roberts Rule and Parliamentary process, a defeated/failed motion cannot be voted upon again UNLESS a motion to reconsider is made at that meeting. The meeting has adjourned and no motion to reconsider was made. Am I mistaken in my understanding?

    • A person who voted with the prevailing side can later request a reconsideration but within the same meeting. You are correct about Robert’s Rules and a very interesting point!

      That. however, will not stop the board from putting essentially the same vote forward next meeting couched as a closing of the school perhaps. They would be shocked if they thought they had made the decision last night.

      • This board is so maladjusted… so dysfunctional that it fails to realize it voted on something.

      • My in-house parliamentarian, Arthur Green, believes that the prohibition on voting on the same motion more than once applies strictly to a single meeting. Any knowledge on this point out there?

  2. Shawn

    Dear Readers –

    I have been a reader of this blog, the new Support Timberlane Facebook page, news articles and any other source of information I can find. I believe in making informed decisions. I try to review the information critically before coming to an opinion. Something I believe we should all do. With that said, please do not take my posting on this blog as a endorsement, as I don’t agree with everything that is written or commented on. However, I do feel strongly about the rash consideration being discussed to simply close Sandown Central. It may absolutely be the right thing to do, but not without deliberation and a plan.

    I am not real familiar on how to organize these type of events so I am asking, requesting and perhaps even pleading with someone who is good at community organization to organize a meeting for this weekend to discuss the closing of the Central school and how the community responds, most likely by a citizens’ warrant article.

    Whether or not you agree with the Greens’ 100%, 50%, 0% or somewhere in the middle has nothing to do with it. I am hoping that some of you at least believe there must be some rational thought, guidance and discussion around such an important decision. The fact that the TRSB last night effectively voted to put off the decision beyond the deadline of the citizens’ petition is disingenuous to say the least.

    Anyone willing to organize a meeting for this weekend?

  3. Curious George

    You state that a citizens petition deadline was today at 5pm. Who decides this? Can you direct me to where I can find this information regarding a deadline?

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