SAU has Police, Lawyer, on Speed Dial for Critics

When Leon Artus went to his mailbox today, he was surprised to find a card notifying him that a certified letter awaited him at the post office.  It was our tax dollars at work!  The firm of DrummondWoodsum,  which represents our SAU, was instructing Mr. Artus to no longer communicate with Superintendent Metzler. Metzler Attorney Letter to Leon Artus

Here’s a timeline of recent events in Mr. Artus’ life:

Dec. 4, 2014   While quietly waiting in his car around 8:30 pm in the Vic Geary Drop in Center adjacent to the SAU building, Mr. Artus is approached by two Plaistow Police officers.  He told them he was waiting for a school board member. As he handed them his identification, his concealed carry permit fell out which led to Mr. Artus to tell the police that he had a gun with him. The police also remarked that there was mouthwash in the car which Mr. Artus uses to freshen his breath after smoking. The police asked Mr. Artus to park his vehicle at a different angle so his headlights would not annoy households across the street, which he did.

Subsequent to this encounter, the police officers went into the SAU building still full of people from a just-adjourned school board meeting.  The police shared their encounter about Mr. Artus with someone on the board or the SAU.  Three days later  the incident was being discussed on the Atkinson Reporter 2 blog with innuendos about Mr. Artus “drinking mouthwash”.

Dec 11, 2014  An armed Plaistow Police officer  present for the Budget Committee meeting. An officer appeared at all subsequent meetings of the budget committee and school board – without a vote of either body.

Dec. 18: 2014  Timberlane School Board holds a non-public meeting on the grounds of reputation to discuss an incident in the parking lot of the Vic Geary Drop In Center.

Jan. 13, 2015  Mr. Artus submits a citizen petition warrant article to Atkinson Town Hall asking the voters to approve the first step in a process to begin withdrawing from the Timberlane School District.

Jan 15, 2015   Timberlane Public Hearing on the proposed 2015-2016 budget.  Mr. Artus asked pointed questions of Superintendent Metzler and refused to call him “Dr.”

Jan. 20, 2015  The Plaistow Police interview Mr. Artus over the phone concerning two emails Mr. Artus sent to the superintendent in Dec. 2014.  A few hours  later, the investigating officer called Mr. Artus back to say they were dropping the investigation.

Jan. 22, 2015   At the School Board meeting that evening, Mr. Artus took  great exception to the school board holding a non-public meeting which he believed concerned him without giving him the opportunity to be present. He requested his issue to be placed on the agenda of a future meeting.  He was denied. (That’s what Ms. Steenson means when she takes things under advisement or consideration.  History has never shown her ‘advisement’ to have resulted in any subsequent action.) I made a motion for same; it failed for want of a second.

Jan 24, 2015  Lawyer’s letter mailed to Mr. Artus.

Mr. Artus is the head of Atkinson Taxpayers for Fair Evaluations.

Readers might want to refresh their memory concerning Dr. Metzler’s police complaint about me “harassing” his assistant, Ms. Belcher.   Green Threatened with Criminal Charges

The Timberlane School District uses the services of the Plaistow Police department for police details throughout the year for sports, cultural and other events at the schools. Now can be added protecting elected officials and staff from “harassment.”







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