Town Deliberative Tomorrow Starts at 10 am

Dear Sandown Residents,

Our annual Town Deliberative Session start time has been delayed by two hours due to snow.  It is now scheduled to begin at 10 am, tomorrow, Jan. 31. at Town Hall.

Best to check the town website, or Channel 17 for cancellation information in the event of a major snowfall overnight.

Hope to see you all there tomorrow and even more at the school Deliberative Session on Feb 5th, 7 pm at the high school gym in Plaistow.

By the way, today is the last day to put your name on the ballot for public office.  5 pm Town Hall to become a local hero!





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2 responses to “Town Deliberative Tomorrow Starts at 10 am

  1. BobFranky

    Hello, as a student of TRHS, I am curious as to why you want to reduce the budget. I do not see why it needs to reduce, and can see what will happen if it does get reduced, so please, enlighten me as to why it should be lowered.

    • Thank you for writing. I appreciate your initiative to look at the other side of the issue. We make our argument in this blog so I would invite you to read a few postings to get our reasoning. We deal in facts. The opposing side right now seems to be dealing in rhetoric and emotion. You will see a big difference in our approaches. All best.

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