Sandown Deliberative: Separation Study Goes Ahead. Make Plans for Feb 5th UPDATED

At Sandown’s annual Town Deliberative yesterday, Tony Piemonte’s Citizen’s Petition went to the ballot unchallenged by amendments.  The petition asks the school board to form a committee to conduct a study to gather the facts and costs of what would be involved in  separating from the Timberlane Regional School District.

The same smooth sailing did not occur at Atkinson’s Deliberative session where an identical petition warrant article was before voters.   The Moderator made clear in the public discussion that he thought the language of the article was so closely in line with the wording of its associated RSA that it could not be changed. Mr. Grosky and Mr. Sapia spoke against the article which went to ballot as written.

UPDATE 2/2/15: 

A previous version of this posting said: “My source tells me that Jason Grosky made strenuous efforts to propose an amendment but was unsuccessful.  Mr. Grosky denies this version of events. (See comments section.)”  After reviewing the Vimeo recording of the Atkinson Deliberative, I owe an apology to Mr. Grosky.  He spoke against the separation study warrant article but he did not attempt to amend it.


Timberlane’s school Deliberative session is going to be a rollicking one this year with more than 1000 people expected.  Arthur Green will be proposing a cut to the bottom line of the budget and forces pro and con are rallying their troops for a showdown that will be won by sheer numbers.

The issue is more pressing for those in favor of cutting the budget because if they don’t prevail at Deliberative, they will have no choice at the ballot in March because the default budget is higher than the proposed budget offered by the district.  Those who want to protect the district’s budget have a choice of giving them what they want or even more, which hardly seems a fair choice for voters.

This is a contest of numbers. It is also a test of democracy. Plan to arrive well ahead of time to register to vote before the session starts at 7 pm .  Try to car pool if you can.  Doors to the high school gym open at 6 pm.

If you stay home, your school taxes are almost certain to go up.  If you attend, you have a good chance of getting a lower budget on the ballot in March.



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13 responses to “Sandown Deliberative: Separation Study Goes Ahead. Make Plans for Feb 5th UPDATED

  1. Atkinson Parent

    There have been rumors that you or Mr. Green intend to present a request for a secret ballot on the warrant articles. If that happens, it will delay the deliberative session by HOURS and that is in no one’s best interests. Do you have any knowledge of this and is this in fact your intention?

    • No rumor at all. We have advertised on our postcards that went to every household in the district that we will be calling for a secret ballot on the budget warrant article. It will not delay proceedings by hours as it will be just one vote or at most two. If people are motivated to come to Deliberative, they have a right to a secret ballot. That way votes are free from feelings of social pressure and fully reflect the honest feelings of voters.

      [In a previous version of this reply I said, “This is the only way to obtain an honest vote.” I revised my reply to more fully explain what I meant by an honest vote.]

  2. Jason B. Grosky

    Mrs. Green,
    Once again you are entirely incorrect. I did no such thing. What you have attributed to me is complete make believe.
    I did not see you at Atkinson’s deliberative session, so whatever information you received is based on whatever someone else told you. If you are going to rely on others for information, two responsible steps you should take before disseminating it is:
    1) ensuring your source is reliable; and
    2) corroborating the information.
    One each count, you failed. More of the same.
    Without you parsing words or being mealy mouthed, your apology is awaited.

    • I will note on my posting that you dispute the story. When the Vimeo is out we can revisit this.
      My email seems to be spotty in forwarding comments today which is why this was not posted earlier. I have not experienced this problem before, though I sometimes do miss comments due to sheer volume of emails.

  3. Jason B. Grosky

    Mrs. Green,
    Unreal that your information is wrong, you get called out for it and you cowardly do not post my response. Nor do you seek to tell the truth.
    But I’m sure you have an excuse.

  4. Jason B. Grosky

    Mrs. Green,

    Thank you for the “correction”. I will accept the “I owe an apology to Mr. Grosky” as an actual apology.

    A couple of things to note:

    1) I did not take a screen grab of your original post, but the original contained no attribution when claiming action(s) I took. It was stated as fact. I pointed out the error of the original post. But just so the record is clear — the fact your present post places the information as coming from “My source tells me …”, that attribution of the source’s information did not exist in your original post. Your use of an unnamed “source” is a caveat you added in creating a new version of your post.

    2) I hope your error causes you to train a more skeptical eye on your “source”, to vet him and his information before posting hearsay accounts as fact. When people’s reputations, and one’s own integrity, is at stake, you cannot be careful enough. Should you use unnamed sources in the future, hopefully you will rely on those who are credible and provide accurate accounts.

    Thank you.

  5. I am shocked to hear you refer to this as a “contest of numbers”. This is my children’s future. This is our community. Your heartlessness is baffling. You will only anger parents if you continue to use our children as pawns in your war. I am all for pinching pennies, but you have created such a contentious environment that you are now a far bigger liability to our district than any part of the budget. Time to pack it in.

  6. It saddens and shocks me to hear you call this “a contest of numbers”. Can you see why that would be upsetting to parents and those of us who have a personal stake in Timberlane? Do you see that you are continuing to use language and tactics that further cast you in a cold and heartless light?
    You are using our children as pawns in your war and it needs to stop. You are not an affective advocate for thoughtful change. At this point, it is clear that you are too contentious to contribute anything meaningful to the conversation.

    • I only ask that people come to Deliberative session with an ear to listen to arguments.

      • Absolutely. Anyone attending should be prepared to listen to the information presented and then cast their vote. But if your measure does not pass, will you now agree to stop your war on our district? When will this end for you? My fear is that you will never stop and you are past the point of being able to engage in productive work with the school board because of the contentious environment that you have created. So I ask again, if your measure does not pass, will you agree to stop eroding the reputation of our district and allow our staff and school board to concentrate on serving the students of our district and not catering to your demands?

  7. TFL

    From Timbelane group Facebook:
    Jason B. Grosky According to Mrs. Green, she did not pay for the mailer. She did not disclose who did, except to say it was supporters of her and Mr. Green who live within the four towns. Without full disclosure, my suspicion is that this is outside money being used to try to influence Timberlane elections.

    ​Wait Donna, did you hire his wife and didn’t tell us???​

    Thanks for the laugh Jason Grosky.

    Can you show us what top secret activity your wife has been working on @$150 per hour as the district PR contractor?

    • Interesting remark. Mr. Grosky is completely wrong but at least we are not using taxpayer money to influence an election which would be the case if his wife as a paid PR specialist for the district were involved with Support Timberlane or say….. Mrs. Grosky would not be guilty of breaking the law since she is not a public employee, but the district sure would be.

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