Today is Timberlane’s Deliberative: A vote for choice

The battle over the budget reaches its climax tonight at school Deliberative Session.

We are fighting to give the voters a reasonable choice on the March ballot.  If nothing changes tonight, voters in March will have a choice between a tax increase and a bigger tax increase.  If we succeed, then voters will have a real choice between a modest tax cut in all four towns or a $68 million default budget that also includes funding for Sandown Central.

Plan to arrive early as parking will be an issue, as will the time it takes to get registered to vote.  Car pool if you can.

Emotions will be high because no matter how large a budget a school district is given and no matter how many students it has lost, any proposed cut  is met with outraged cries from the administration who fans fear of harm to students.  Those who support budget cuts are not enemies of children or education — they are simply wise to the power struggle. The well-being of children and education are not at stake here.  Returning power to the voters is what is.

Timberlane Deliberative Session

Doors open in the Timberlane High School Cafeteria at 6 pm for voter registration

Session begins at 7 pm.  Budget vote will be first.

36 Greenough Rd., Plaistow, NH




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17 responses to “Today is Timberlane’s Deliberative: A vote for choice

  1. Beth

    I guess I am unclear of why someone who clearly does not care about the welfare of the students in this district is even involved in the school board. I have lived in this district my entire life, live here now, and have children in the district that are directly affected by this petty money grubbing argument. Mrs. Green, it shocks me and actually makes me quite sad that you are destroying the reputation of our district. I truly believe you don’t care for the welfare of our children at all. And why would you? You have no personal stake in this argument other than you want to have to spend less money out of your paycheck for taxes. I am spending the exact same amount as you, I guess the only real difference is that my sons education is at stake. You are proud of the children you raised and the opportunities they were afforded, yet you would deny those same opportunities to our children. Who are you to say my son is unworthy of the same benefits your children received. With the petty, pathetic bickering that you force us all to endure you have effectively high-jacked our childrens education. Don’t you feel badly at all? You are directly affecting the course of some peoples lives, but for you its all about saving a buck. Shame on you!

    • You have presented a good summation of the opposing view. It is too bad it very typically includes personal attacks.
      I have no personal interest in this battle except to ensure the fabric of our society by providing excellent education and the associated opportunities for our youth while also protecting the economic welfare of all our families.
      You can believe the fear mongering. You can believe the personal insults. Others will see through the scare tactics and know that there are some people who take a stand for the protection of public education in the long run. We cannot longer sustain these budgets when our student population is plummeting and if we don’t stop it now, public education will collapse under its own mismanagement.

    • Hey Beth. I have a kid in the district. How many days THIS year have your kids had all of their teachers for a full day of instruction? Yes, the district is spending a lot of money, but, for many of us, the problem is what we are getting in return. Metzler thinks a ‘bag day’ or a day of half hour classes is a reasonable substitute for a full day with a qualified instructor. Have you looked at the assignments your kids get on a bag day? Do you ask them what they do all day? Do you inquire if their teacher was in class each day? Do you talk about what they do all day?

      We are not getting our money’s worth.

      Metzler’s wife was hired as a Spanish consultant for preschool. Do you think we need a Spanish consultant at all? The Budget Committee chair’s wife was hired as a PR consultant. The School District is not something we can opt out of. Even if you can afford to send your kids to a good school, you have to pay for TRSD. Do you think a PR consultant is contributing to your kids’ education?

      It’s ridiculous to charge that the Greens are destroying the reputation of the district. We have had a teacher convicted of statuary rape. We had another do time for pedophilia. The school board has sealed minutes of nonpublic sessions for 99 years.

      That’s just the tip of the iceberg. When I was in high school Timberlane was known as one of the better public schools. There were no NECAPs or blogs when I moved to town or I would not have moved into a district which has been ‘in need of improvement’ for a decade.

      In a short time, Timberlane will be nothing except a bill for me. I’m looking forward to that day. My TRSD grad — like many of his peers — will be moving out of the district when he finishes college.

      The problem is not the buildings and it’s not the teachers. It’s the leadership. The only real hope for our schools is that we bite the bullet and dissolve the SAU.

      There is an internet now. People can research towns and districts before purchasing a home. No one wants to move into a district with poor schools and high taxes. Timberlane is a district with poor schools and high taxes. See you at the PAC.


      WELL SAID…..



  2. Jim


    I really cannot understand people like you that are blinded by this administration. The administration continues to spend greater amounts of money to educate fewer students. Have you ever wondered why we never had such issues prior to this administration? It is because this administration has absolutely zero regard for the tax payer. My property tax has gone up 9.6% in just two years. Am I supposed to just sit back and accept this when other Districts get better results with less employees at a reduced cost. All of us that support the Greens also care about education.


      I can’t believe the ignorance and blindness of so many people. Numbers don’t lie – and like it or not students of TRSD – yes, you are all numbers. I wish all of the students who held those signs up had actually done their research and looked at both sides. If anything, I would be willing to bet that they embarked on their first political crusade blinded by the views and opinions of the people that are charged to teach them, but never took the time to study both sides of the fence. Mr. Green’s proposed “cuts” of 35 positions does not necessarily mean a teacher is going to be let go or a program shut down. Look at the fluff that is out there. Can anyone inform me of other school districts that hire a “PR” person? Is there ever really a need for that? What, so they can spin more rhetoric? I highly doubt we would get the FULL views and opinions of the entire school board.

  3. Keep it simple. The free ride is OVER. Go bleed someone else dry.

  4. Bgj3467

    Whatever will you do with yourself now that you have to wait a whole year before attempting to gut the school budget again?

    • Bgj3467

      This website is abomination. Nowhere do you show concern for people. You discuss students and teachers in the abstract, but as mere dollar-sign-shaped pawns in your fiscal chess match, not as minds or souls. You disrespect vital professionals by calling them “non-teaching” and your self-righteous cynicism assumes the worst of every district employee. Since your auspicious entrance into small-town politics, you have driven a knife through the community and, to your own detriment as was on full display last night, emboldened those who do see education as a human enterprise and not just a tax.

      • Dear Brave Mr. Anonymous:
        “Non-teaching professionals” is a category of school employees reported to the Department of Education. I think your soul has some black marks on it for thinking badly of people who don’t agree with you. Suggest confession and an apology afterwards. The only thing driving a knife thru our communities is unaffordable taxes in two small towns and an administration that just wants more instead of trying to manage on what it is already generously given when the number of children families can afford to have is plummeting due to a lack of full-time jobs and unsustainable high taxes. Mr. Collins’ and Mr. O’Neil’s proposals to restructure the funding formula will cause more dissension in this district than any call for lower taxes could ever do.

  5. Lou F

    Dear Ms. Green. While I do not agree with you on most areas, I wholeheartedly agree with your comment, “Mr. Collins’ and Mr. O’Neil’s proposals to restructure the funding formula will cause more dissension in this district than any call for lower taxes could ever do.”

    Hopefully, voters will turn out and vote these articles down and also vote to keep Sandown Central open. We now have three articles on the ballot that, if all defeated, seals the fate of this school. And while the members of the school board have expressed desire for the Sandown Central to remain open, articles 4, 11, and 12 are not recommended by the school board or budget committee. Correct me if I am wrong, but does that not increase the probability of defeat? One can only speculate as to how we got to this point, but we are now at a critical stage where the game of chicken that has just taken place could have truly far reaching and detrimental effects on the district.

  6. Beth Blomquist

    Last night I made the motion to limit presentations to 3 minutes.I would like you to know if the opportunity had presented itself for me to make that motion prior to ANY presentations being made, including the Chair of Board, I would have done so. I had heard from many of my peers going into last evening that they didn’t want to sit through lengthy presentations. Most were decided prior to arrival which side they were aligned with having done independent research (not merely listening to heartful ploys from cute kids with signs- my kid being one of them.)
    I did consider your right and your husband’s right, as well as the other potential presenter’s rights to be able to present what they feel were researched arguments in support of their cause. However, in the end I decided I had a room of people who could help decided if 3 minutes were enough and if the majority needed more information to vote on proposed changes then majority would vote “no” to my amendment.
    I’ve most often not agreed with your views with regards to the district but I have always respected your right to present a dissenting opinion and to ask questions.
    I think you should have access to the information you need to make informed decisions. Last night however, I was disappointed at your attempt to strong arm my withdrawl of the amendment by offerning to withdraw the secret ballot. Perhaps what you underestimated is not only my conviction to my principles but the strenght of my community. I grew up here. After moving here at the age of six I attended Pollard School, Timberlane (Jr HS) Middle School and High School and now my children attend our schools. I coach here. I have friends and neighbors hundreds deep after 40 years in this community. I knew they would support me if I stood my ground, regardless of the outcome of the vote.
    Beth B

  7. Mike Callahan

    Mrs. Green, you are correct that many who disagree with you have clouded their arguments with personal attacks and fiery rhetoric that may or may not be true. I don’t know you, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say all of the non-substantive noise is untrue and unfair, and that you care about education and students despite omitting them from every one of your meticulously crafted arguments, focusing instead only on fiscal matters. However, you yourself are also guilty of assuming that those who disagree with you must be either brainwashed by the TRSD administration, ignorant of the facts, or in need of an economics lesson from you. This is not the case. More than five hundred people disagreed with you last night not for these reasons, but because they knew the cost of education and thought it a worthwhile investment. People care about their kids more than they care about their wallets. I’d venture to say that even those without children in school still care about other people’s kids more than they care about their own wallets. No one wants things to cost as much as they do, but quality comes with a cost and the overwhelming majority of the district considers that a wise tradeoff. I disagree with most of what you have said in print and out loud, but let me offer you a bit of free advice anyway: you are not going to win any votes by telling people why your ideas are good for their wallets. You may win some by telling them why your ideas are good for their kids. But that is where you have nothing to say. Your ideas are bad for their kids. They know that.

    • Reposting From Friends of Timberlane

      Reposting from Girard at Large Radio show:
      “…What ended up happening,.. one of the parents that I spoke to from the town of Plaistow. She is a home owner, concerned about her taxes. But she said, you know, I got an email from my kids football coach. The Timberlane Regional High School Football Coach and he spelled out what those budget cuts would mean. What the budget reductions would mean that we would have to pay for transportation, we will have to pay for sports, the kids will probably lose extra curricula activities. Carrying the line.

      …apparently there had been an awful lot of emails

    • Reposting From Friends of Timberlane

      Louise Pajak posted:

      Timberlane alumnus, Dr. Mike Callahan: BA from Harvard; member of PBK; DMA from Eastman and professor at Michigan State, gave me permission to repost his posting from the Timberlane and Sandown site.
      Mike Callahan
      February 6, 2015 at 6:42 pm
      Mrs. Green, you are correct that many who …

      Dear Dr. Mike:
      How is it Timberlane was able to operate on a passed lower budget last year, not charge for music etc nor close a school?

      If you were a parent or a taxpayer in this district with knowledge coming from watching budget and school board meetings, your conclusions would be first hand and, you may very well have come to the conclusion this was not about the students after all.

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