Public Hearing TONIGHT, SC Closing Vote, March 5th

Tonight at the PAC, there will be a public hearing about the citizen’s petition to change the funding formula for the school district.  7 pm

Let us hope that those who would like to inform the public about this very important warrant article will be given as much time to speak as they need.  Public comment is invited during all Public Hearings.

Next Thursday, March 5th, the school board’s agenda will include a vote on closing Sandown Central.

If you wish to make a comment about the school closing during this meeting, you must fill out a card and submit it to the recording secretary at the meeting.  You may speak during the public comment section at the very beginning of the meeting, listed as “Delegations and Individuals” on the agenda, or immediately before the board begins its discussion of the school closing. The board does not permit public comment once the board has begun their own discussion of the agenda item.  (Don’t ask me to defend these rules.)

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