No Vote on Sandown Central!

In a surprising turn of events, the school board did not vote on the fate of Sandown Central at tonight’s meeting.  They will take their vote after the March 10th election.

Sandown residents, Mr. and Mrs. Lytle, spoke about the host of questions still unanswered around the consolidation.  Another Sandown resident who will be on the Timberlane Budget Committee after the election, Lee Dube, gave a powerful short speech about trusting and respecting the will of the voters and letting their decision be heard.  After he spoke, a sea change swept the room.

Nevertheless, Mr. Collins starting talking about the two tiers of elementary school experience in our district and how this was the fundamental issue for him.  News to me.  I always thought the cost of operating the school was the motivating factor in the closing.  Dr. Metzler let out a tantalizing tidbit of information that a charter school is interesting in leasing SC..  Mr. Collins motioned to consolidate the schools.  (This is the substance of his motion as my notes don’t have the wording of the motion). Mr. Bealo seconded.  Discussion ensued.  Mr. Bealo withdrew his second.  No vote was taken.




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