Cooperative District Withdrawal Procedure c/o NH School Boards Assn.

Here is a detailed explanation of the withdrawal procedure from a cooperative school district written by the New Hampshire School Boards Association in 2013.

Coop Withdrawal Procedures – Outline

It is short and sweet.  You will note that it says:

Breakdown and Analysis of RSA 195:26
1. The withdrawal plan that is submitted to the state board of education
must include all the information listed above, pursuant to RSA 195:26.
Most of this information is straightforward and can be ascertained by the
withdrawal study committee.



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3 responses to “Cooperative District Withdrawal Procedure c/o NH School Boards Assn.

  1. Phil McCracken

    Yes and the very first line says:

    “The following information is intended as instructional and reference material only. It is not intended to be nor should it be construed as specific legal advice. You are encouraged to seek the advice of your own attorney regarding specific questions you may have about the following material.

  2. Phil McCracken

    Pay close attention to the section:
    RSA 195:27 Liability of Withdrawing District.

    Sandown would be liable for any bonds/debt it incurred that went on the books while it was in the district, after leaving, any and all cost would have to be paid back to TRSD in payments I cannot see how this would be a good thing for Sandown?

    • The financial aspects of the NHSBA report are facile to say the least. We have a share of the debt now and there is no difference except we would have to refinance it – as I see it anyway.

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