Judge Finds Against Green

Here is Rockingham Superior Court Judge David Anderson’s decision, dated March 9, 2015: ¬†Decision March 2015

Stay tuned for future developments.



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2 responses to “Judge Finds Against Green

  1. A small loss. Your continued presence among the hacks infesting your school maladministration and its obsequious board is a gift that will keep on giving. The “victory” these Messler’s may experience will melt like an ice cube on a July afternoon. Soon they will have nothing.

    Politicians often say “I will fight for you”. Then, most simply cuddle up and sleep away their term with the enemy. You’ve turned out quite differently.

    One day, we hope, your burden will be over. Perhaps it will be resignations which will clean out that nest you’re in.

    Meanwhile, keep fighting.

    Good luck. [edited by DG]

    • I am being sworn into office on Monday by the Sandown Town Clerk to whom I am most grateful. The school district clerk, who wrote on social media that she would rather vote for a test crash dummy than me, resigned and the honor of swearing in newly elected officials fell to the school district moderator.

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