My Request for Reconsideration

This is my Request for Reconsideration filed today at Rockingham Superior Court.  It is a petition asking Judge Anderson to reconsider his decision.   Reconsideration FINAL

The Honorable Court could either deny the request or agree to the request and either change its ruling or hold another hearing on the matter.

Meanwhile, on March 13, salary information without names was posted on the Budget Committee’s website. I learned of this only yesterday.



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4 responses to “My Request for Reconsideration

  1. Mark Richards

    A brilliantly worded bit of logic. Of course, you did not take the course I would have, which is to question why a public official, let alone a member of the taxpaying public, should meet such obstruction in the first place.

    As you should probably conclude: yes, they have something to hide.

    • I do not want to comment on your conclusion one way or another, or on anything related to this case, until it is finally resolved, but thank you for writing.

  2. I just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly. The information posted on the Budget Committee site is not satisfactory because the names of the staff are not included? So what you want to see is what every person employed by the district makes. Is this correct?

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