School Board Drops “School Board Rules” and Other Good News

In a most positive development, the Timberlane School Board voted unanimously to dispense with the controversial and troublesome “School Board Rules.”

Plaistow’s Peter Bealo motioned to not renew the School Board Rules.  I seconded.  Discussion then ensued around the most problematic of the rules; namely, that only the chairman can receive and reply to email directed to the board via a group email,  This rule also entails having a correspondence folder with these emails available ONLY during or after meetings – never before. In general discussion, the board agreed that the correspondence folder should be available to board members at any time when they wish to see it at the SAU office. This is a huge step forward for all concerned.

In other positive news, the board agreed to have the minutes of the February 26th Public Hearing expanded to better capture the substance of the discussion.  With these minutes and going forward, the board agreed that all presentations and documents presented to the board would be attached to the electronic copy of the minutes and posted online.  Previously, paper handouts and correspondence were attached only to the minutes filed in the SAU office.  Now the paper minutes will have electronic presentations printed out and attached, and the electronic minutes posted online will include all the attachments of the paper minutes filed at the SAU.  This involves more work for the SAU staff but will greatly enhance the completeness and accessibility of the public record of our business and deliberations.

Mr. Collins was absent from these votes, as was Mr. Sapia and Mr. Blair.


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