Further to Food Service “Profit”

In a private email to me after my last posting, Dr. Metzler obliquely referred to a fee that Whitsons will pay to the district if we do indeed lose money on our food service operations.  With that penalty fee taken into account, it is possible the program could run a profit.

Parts of the Timberlane.net website concerning school board documents and SAU documents will not load on my computer tonight so I cannot confirm my memory of the Whitsons contract which I recall will pay us $25,000 if we suffer a loss. Once I have regained access to the documentation online, I will confirm this figure and the specifics of the contract


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  1. Len Mullen

    Ask the good Doctor for a price list for the program. See if you can get a record of his purchases. Have a student take a picture of the fruit portions. This is a lunch program out of Oliver Twist.

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