Education Commissioner to Answer Manchester School Board, May 4th, Broadcast live

New Hampshire’s Commissioner of Education, Virginia Barry, is going to meet with the Manchester School Board on Monday, May 4th starting at 7 pm.  Manchester is the state’s largest school district.  Ms. Barry will be accompanied by the State Board of Education Chair, Tom Raffio.

I’ve never heard these two influential public figures speak and I’m particularly interested in the controversy which provoked this invitation to Manchester.  In applying for a state waiver from the federal “No Child Left Behind” program, it has been reported that Ms. Barry said that she would implement a regional reorganization of our public schools with a redesigned state assessment program.

Much of this hinges on the passing of HB 323  (  on May 7th.

As someone who feels parents should know how their schools compare with others in the state, I support statewide testing so I look forward to understanding this program better and why it has been said that it entails a “regional reorganization.”

Manchester radio host and education commentator, Rich Girard, will broadcast this meeting live on 90.7 WLMW FM starting at 6:30 pm and also via live streaming at    (Thank you for this public service, Rich.)


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