Request for Agenda Item

Via email at 10:11 am, May 9, 2015

Dear Ms. Steenson,

After reviewing the information given to us by Danville Selectman O’Neil, I’m requesting that the board open discussion on the necessary information our collective towns need to do an impact fee update.  
Failing to put this item on the next agenda will signal arrogance on our part and an irresponsible disregard for the needs of our member towns. Sandown will be needing the respective information Danville is now requesting.
Please respond to all parties as to the agenda date.
Thank you,
Donna Green
cc: Sandown Board of Selectmen
      Danville Board of Selectmen


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2 responses to “Request for Agenda Item

  1. Mary Ann Di Stefano

    Thank you!,,,

    • Thank you, but unfortunately my agenda requests rarely get put on the agenda. Quite honestly, I can’t understand why the board would thwart a town’s attempts to manage its taxes when both Danville and Sandown are in something of a tax revolt. At the very least, the Danville Selectmen should have been given the basic courtesy of time on the agenda for a full explanation of their need (something I now understand and with which I agree).

      By way of background, I should add that the Danville’s Selectmen’s request requires the board to waive a policy about privacy of student information and I and the rest of the board were reluctant to do that when first approached with insufficient information as to the use of this information. Since the initial request, I educated myself about the need and use of the information and Mr. O’Neil again explained it at the board meeting last Thursday. He probably expected his Danville reps at that point to request it be placed on the agenda but instead was met with silence. There is a compelling reason for the board to give their towns the student information, and in fact, have done so in the past.

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