SB Posts Agenda: “Sandown Consolidation Plan Action”??

School board members are always the last to know what is going to be on their own agenda; nevertheless, I was extremely surprised to see “Sandown Consolidation Plan – Action (45 minutes) on the agenda.

We just dealt with the consolidation at the last meeting.

45 minutes too?  Nothing short of declaring nuclear war on Bedford (so we can move up in the rankings) would make the chairman allot 45 minutes to any agenda topic. Last meeting’s agenda allotted just 30 minutes to the momentous decision that was dreaded since November.

I previously emailed a request to the chairman asking to revisit the issue of student information for the purposes of impact fee calculation since new information has come out that parents have (for the most part) given pre-authorization for the release of this information at the beginning of the year.

An agenda item that affects the taxes of every property owner in Danville is ignored but something we already dealt with gets 45 minutes.  Hmm…..

I personally welcome more considered discussion of the consolidation decision taken at the last meeting which was rushed and superficial, but this is a procedurally odd thing to do considering the vote was unanimous.

It would be a courtesy of the chairman to inform the board as to the reason this item has returned to the agenda so we are not sideswiped at the next meeting, but that isn’t the way things are done at the mushroom farm.


Regular Meeting – 7:30 PM   Thursday, June 4,, 2015

Dr. Earl Metzler, II, Superintendent

Dr. Roxanne Wilson, Asst. Superintendent

1. 7:30 PM Call to Order – Chair (15 minutes)

2. Roll Call – Clerk

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approval of Minutes

a. May 21, 2015 public and nonpublic sessions

5. Delegations or Individuals

6. Current Business

a. 7:45PM DI Team Presentation* – INFORMATIONAL (10 minutes)

b. 7:55PM English Language Arts Curriculum – ACTION (15 minutes) – 2nd Read

c. 8:10PM Dual Enrollment* – INFORMATIONAL (15)

d. 8:25PM TTA Update – INFORMATIONAL (10 minutes)

e. 8:35PM Project Lead the Way* – ACTION (10 minutes)

f. 8:45PM Sandown Consolidation Plan – ACTION (45 minutes)

g. 9:30PM Tuition Rates – ACTION (5 minutes)

h. 9:35PM Policies – ACTION (5 minutes) – 2nd Read

i. 9:40PM School Board Goals – INFORMATIONAL/ACTION (5 minutes)

7. 9:45PM Administrator’s Report

a. Update on School Activities – INFORMATIONAL

8. Personnel Report

9. 9:55PM Committee Reports

10.10:00PM Reports of the School Board

11.Correspondence Folder

12.Vendor and Payroll Registers

13.10:10PM Other Business

14.Non-public (if needed)

15.Future Dates



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12 responses to “SB Posts Agenda: “Sandown Consolidation Plan Action”??

  1. Concerned citizen

    Why can’t you just be happy that the school board is revisiting the topic for further discussion? Why does everything between you and the school board have to be mud slinging? Why do you insist on calling it a mushroom farm? It is not respectful, it is bullying, and repeated offensive name calling would not be acceptable by the students. Just be happy it’s on the agenda again? BTW, that’s why it’s on the agenda, to notify the School Board members that it will be discussed that’s the purpose of an agenda.

    • The bullies are those who control the information to the disadvantage of those who are without the information – and their constituents.

      • Concerned citizen

        2 wrongs don’t make a right though. You aren’t setting an example of being the better person.

  2. Cathy

    Just “BE HAPPY”!!!!

    As long as closing a school in a member district (or not) by a “district vote” only impacts those in the “member district” … be happy.

    BE HAPPY the SB is now finally giving the closing of SC some due consideration (or not). Don’t worry yourself with the fact that not all Sandown elementary students fit at/in SN as stated by the SAU and SB. Do not question that SC (miraculously) will remain open after the budget was ZEROED and the WA did NOT fund operational costs.

    Just … Be … Happy

    • Concerned citizen

      That’s not what in saying, and isn’t relevant to this particular discussion. Yes this should have been discussed moths ago, yes Sandown was lied to, yes the district was lied to, yes on all accounts, for whatever reason the Chair has decided to further discuss this issue, my point is rather than continue to be negative about it, Mrs. Green should be looking forward to the discussion not throwing more mud making a bad situation worse. No need to be condascending to someone trying to participate in the discussion.

      • Dear Concerned,

        I do not think Ms. Gorman was being condescending. My fair comment is not “mud slinging” either. To my mind, it is not helpful to characterize fair comment in negative ways because that gets us all less comment and more feeling of oppression.

  3. Curious George

    My best guess is after committee members and Sandown residents publicly expressed their dissatisfaction of the SB on Facebook is why. After last meeting, it was said that the SB completely ignored all the other recommendations and only spoke about the pre-school portion. I think its right to revisit and go through each recommendation one by one to discuss.

    • “I think its right to revisit and go through each recommendation one by one to discuss.”
      I completely agree; however, that is not what the agenda indicates and it would be most helpful if it did if that is in fact what is going on.

  4. Slowed

    We all know you read the report Donna. There are other recommendations in the report that specifically pertain to THE CHILDREN that are being moved. Remember them the ones who are moving to North? Important items such as a sprinkler system and a green space as a representative you “should” be eager to get these thing resolved for the kids You represent. Remember them. Please for just once PUT THE KIDS FIRST!

    • Concerned citizen

      Slowed is 100% correct, do SOMETHING that has positive and definitive results for the students instead of complaining about the big bad wolf, if you corner a dog he starts snarling, that’s what you have done is cornered a dog. Sometimes you have to let the dog go so you can live to fight another day. Win the war for the students, stop trying to win battles in every hilltop.

  5. Sheila Lowes

    Well I will be watching the SB Meeting 6/4 to see what happens.

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